Maintenance and oil change/auto maintenance is not just an oil change, if not in these four parts, careful is yourself - to lose DEFUS injector

by:DEFUS     2020-04-11
As the saying goes 'a car is easier than to develop', is not only the high cost of subsidy, but there are many places need to be aware of nurturance, slightly do not pay attention, it is not guard but destroyed vehicles. Actually, car maintenance is not just an oil change, if you don't change the four parts, careful is to lose yourself, then take a look at what is 4. 1 a: brake oil. Maintenance of automobile engine oil is universal? Is not in the maintenance of brake when you need to use special oil rather than oil, but the brake oil water imbibition is strong, to a certain extent will affect the normal use of the brake, so you need to replace the brake in time for oil. The second: brake wheel cylinder. Brake wheel cylinder is what? Do not know the car to see the word is unknown, it is indispensable to everyone in the car's braking system is an important brake parts, so the car after traveling a certain distance to the brake wheel cylinder for maintenance or replacement. Third: the spark plug. Each engine of the car to leave the spark plug this little device, without it you can't normal start driving car. Say simply, the spark plug is used to light for the car, dozen don't burning car won't start. So the old spark plug remember to change in time. Fourth: the ball cage. Ball cage is one of important components of automobile transmission system, it can make the car speeding up, and ball cage set is used to prevent the ball cage into the grey, corrosion, rust protection device, such as if the ball cage units damaged ball cage will easy to damage, the car to drive also not so smooth, so there is something wrong with the set of ball cage also remember to change in time! How's that? Car maintenance is not so simple? We need to spend energy and maintenance, so as to let your love car to accompany you for a long time, auto maintenance is not just an oil change, remember to replace the above four parts, don't regret to know.
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