Maintenance and oil change 丨 is important - the reasonable oil change cycle DEFUS injector

by:DEFUS     2020-04-01
Best oil change cycle oil change center in the long cycle of oil will increase the wear and tear of the engine, the oil change period too short can cause waste lubricating oil. In actual use, how do we determine when it is time to change the oil? Actually every car engine condition, used motor oil and using environment is different, the reasonable oil change period also should have certain difference, cannot treat as the same. Oil change SiCheZhu to join as a general, simple solution is based on your vehicle repair the oil change period specified in the maintenance manual for an oil change. Such regulations have certain statistical data base, with an average sense, drivers can also be adjusted according to their own special circumstances: 1, according to the condition of the vehicle adjust new car engine oil change center internal please clean, there are few impurities such as carbon deposition, thus oil change period may be extended appropriately. Old engine, especially the lack of maintenance of the engine internal carbon colloid is more, the new oil after joining is very easy to be polluted, causing the color change and qualitative change, so the oil change period should be shorten appropriately. ( Conditional word, of course, a thorough cleaning the engine internal best) 2, road conditions can affect the service life of engine oil in oil to join due to the use of different environment and conditions, the actual oil change cycle will be different with the provisions of the manual. Poor areas, roads should shorten the oil change period of engine oil. As often drive in city traffic, traffic there is bigger, the speed change is big, go, stop frequently, low-speed driving time is long, then compared to the suburbs of car, the engine oil change range is relatively shorter. 3, can't ignore the performance of the engine oil difference the length of the vehicle maintenance and oil change period don't ignore the quality of the engine oil level, oil identification of quality grade ( API) And viscosity ( SAE) Two kinds of standards, the quality level generally in SC, SD and SM, the higher the level, the better the quality. Modern cars especially cars for high speed engine, more demand for oil is higher. Magnitude of SF, the oil, in general, under normal circumstances can completely satisfy the 5000 kilometers of oil change period. 4, using the environment impact on the oil also has auto maintenance and high temperature, cold and dusty environment are easy to accelerate the deterioration of the oil. Owners should not only in view of the environment to choose appropriate level, oil viscosity, should also be appropriate to shorten the oil change period, the specific requirements as the case may be, in general to shorten - 1/5 A third of the cycle is advisable. Keywords: DEFUS fuel injectoroil change oil | change | maintenance center joined | | change | oil change oil maintenance maintenance | | car
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