Maintenance and oil change 丨 - the use of lubricating oil emulsion as well as their strengths DEFUS injector

by:DEFUS     2020-04-06
Emulsion applied emulsion is a semisynthetic processing liquid containing mineral oil products, it has the most advanced formula technology, especially suitable for large-scale aluminum castings manufacturers. When use our product to replace other soluble cutting oil, regular maintenance and oil change should be the whole sterilization cooling circulatory system thorough cleaning. Emulsion advantages 1, the use of this product can be fully guaranteed maintenance and oil change with environment clean, especially when compared with similar products, you will find: processed products can leave a light layer of liquid membrane, can be easily removed, convenient cleaning maintenance and management. 2, the product effective to prevent the erosion of the bacteria and fungi, saving the cost of custody. The goods also have good wetting adhesion characteristics, reduced the spatter loss of cutting fluid, also clean the environment. Special maintenance and oil change 3, the products can prevent metal welding stick, such as to prevent the accumulation of scraps on the blade or the workpiece welding even; At the same time can effectively prevent corrosion to occur in the ordinary iron metal materials. Maintenance and oil change 4, lubrication products contain synergistic agent, used to improve surface quality of the processed parts, and prolong the tool life. It can be compatible, and most of the processing materials include: cast iron, steel, copper, aluminum alloy, as well as a variety of plastic and compound. 5, user using existing technology, equipment, and shall be carried out in accordance with the general processing method to product scrap processing. Keywords: DEFUS fuel injectoroil change oil | change | maintenance center joined | | change | oil change oil maintenance maintenance | | car
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