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by:DEFUS     2020-04-02

Due to domestic urban road traffic congestion, vehicle can not be normal to high-grade, frequent switch in low gear, it is easy to cause the wear have impurities, such as fault block oil, accelerated gearbox is damaged, need on a regular basis to normal maintenance and inspection of gearbox, timely change the transmission oil can effectively guarantee the normal service life. So before in the gearbox oil, we need to pay attention to those problems? Oil change 1, transmission and driving axle separate choose oil because of the transmission and driving axle gear material and structure is different, need to choose oil separately, to ensure the gearbox seals do not leak, copper parts corrosion and rear axle gear get sufficient lubrication. Oil change center 2, choice of choosing viscosity if viscosity is too large, will overheat the friction surface, can cause unnecessary loss of power, if viscosity is too small, due to the effect of centrifugal force the oil from the tooth surface ditch, easy to cause oil seal leakage, may be formed on the surface of the gear boundary lubrication, and wear, and even produce sintering phenomenon, so choose a suitable viscosity is very important. At present, the most auto manufacturers recommend 80 w / 90, 85/90, 85/140 level of vehicle wheel oil viscosity, oil change when the car manual or service manual for reference. Oil change center 3, vehicle gearbox oil classification and the proper use of vehicle gear oil as vehicle transmission and drive axle, gear transmission mechanism used in the lubricating oil. Modern vehicle gear oil in gear design has been regarded as important structure of the gear material, its viscosity and carrying capacity become one of the important basis for design. Lui the gear oil in use must be in strict accordance with the requirement to choose, or you will reduce the service life of the gear, and even cause early damage. Oil change 4, selects the high quality brand vehicle transmission oil of high quality brand vehicle transmission oil not only can effectively protect the gear, reduce wear and make the vehicle more easily, save fuel, and can prolong the service life of product, reduce the maintenance and repair costs. Therefore, when choosing the transmission oil sales channels to formal place to buy high quality brand vehicle transmission oil, protect your car. Maintenance and oil change 5, choose the extreme pressure performance in order to prevent made oil change center into high gear contact stress of tooth surface scratches, peeling, sintering must choose to have good anti-wear extreme pressure performance of transmission oil, in order to maintain the proper loading. So when choosing a product, do not put the internal combustion engine oil, hydraulic oil and other oil into the gear box, lest cause extreme pressure antiwear performance, damage the gears. Maintenance and oil change keywords: DEFUS fuel injectoroil change oil | change | maintenance center joined | | change | oil change oil maintenance maintenance | | car
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