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by:DEFUS     2020-03-28
As oil prices have crossed the ceiling, new energy vehicles industry matures, new energy vehicles has become many consumer purchases, may see from car sales in September, fuel car sales fell environment generally, new energy automobile production in September 12, respectively. 70000 and 12. Compared with 64, 10000, respectively. 4% and 54. 8%. After several years of policies and the double under the 'guidance' of oil prices, new energy vehicles ushered in the rapid growth. New energy vehicles is not only has high subsidies, tax free, unlimited unlimited card also, car and breaks preferential policies, more and more consumers are enjoying the convenience brought by the new energy vehicles. But new energy cars, after all, not out of the car category, daily maintenance is indispensable, in late autumn, the weather is cool idea gradually thick, so the new energy car maintenance need to pay attention to what? Because of new energy vehicles have a hybrid and pure electric distinction, in order to facilitate everybody accordingly, we will use two parts parsing. Hybrid maintenance because of the hybrid models both fuel and electric power system, so in addition to the fuel system need maintenance, electric drive system also need to do the corresponding maintenance. Due to the electric drive system of frequent intervention, for engine, gearbox lubricant are put forward higher request, therefore, the fuel system and lubricating oil in a/need better choice, comparatively, hybrid cost slightly higher than the fuel vehicle in terms of routine maintenance. Electric drive system maintenance is also check that the motor, electric control and lines, etc. , to prevent oxidation, corrosion and aging conditions, fuel car slightly careful than some. Pure electric vehicle maintenance than fuel vehicles, pure electric vehicles as a result of electric drive system, the traditional fuel vehicle power system related project, all don't need to check, but such as brake system, cooling system, suspension system cannot little, compared to fuel cars and hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicles in the routine inspection is more simple, but the routine inspection is also essential. 1, check the tires because summer temperature is higher, tire pressure is relatively low, but as the weather turn gradually cool, tire pressure is insufficient will increase friction, and lead to abnormal wear and power loss, therefore, it is necessary for tire pressure shall be carried out in accordance with the owners manual reset. 2, check the chassis due to pure electric car batteries are often placed in the chassis, the chassis of the metal materials after high temperature in summer, after the baptism of the rainy season, there may appear rusty phenomenon, therefore, rust removal is essential, in addition, the chassis break, screw loosening, scratches and other issues, first needs to be repaired, avoid unnecessary trouble. But with the arrival of winter, the northern parts of the snowmelt agent used for chassis also has a lot of corrosion effect, therefore, the autumn should be prepared to the corresponding work ahead of time. 3, check SanDian system due to the experienced a summer of high temperature and high humidity environment, such as for pure electric vehicle circuit system is also a great test, individual components likely oxidation, corrosion, aging, etc. , therefore, to enter the autumn, the corresponding inspection is necessary. In addition, because of pure electric vehicles due to high voltage, is not recommended without replacement and to check. In addition to line check, power battery, motor, electrical electronic control system is also the focus of the electric car maintenance. Battery part: the main is to check the battery information, prevent individual battery charging and discharging overheating caused by the poor contact, which in turn trigger a natural situation, in addition, safety protection, bolts, and connectors status also need to do detailed examination. Motor parts: general pure electric car motor mainly adopts permanent magnet synchronous motor, generally is not open for inspection, mainly for regular insulation, cooling of the motor and controller to check, in addition, the pure electric vehicles equipped with general single stage gear set transmission, lubricating oil will be replaced as appropriate. Electrical electrical control system: in addition to the cabin outside the wire and plug fixed state inspection, lights, signal, high tension line charging mouth, high voltage insulation monitoring system and fault diagnosis system inspection also need to clean. 4. Air-conditioning maintenance with autumn arrival, USES a summer air-conditioning system also needs to clean and maintenance, maintenance project is mainly to clean the condenser, the dust and debris is more, if travel environment also visible change air filter. 5. Check oil while pure electric vehicles without traditional fuel cars need the oil inspection of heavy and complicated, but the brake oil, coolant, as well as a variety of lubricating oil still need to check, and see a circumstance to supplement or replace, brake oil, in particular, there is water after the possibility of a recession, 2 years in relatively safe. 6, check the brake system in addition to check the brake fluid, brake disc, brake pump, parking brake also needs to make inspection of the corresponding test, to prevent the occurrence of brake problems during driving. Conclusion: from the point of inspection project, a hybrid car is relatively complicated, in terms of maintenance costs are slightly higher than the traditional fuel vehicles, and pure electric vehicles while checking project is less, the cost is low, but never thought buy the pure electric vehicles can rest easy, for routine inspection also cannot careless. The whole, all kinds of motor repair shop currently on the market for new energy car repair and maintenance ability is lacking, for 4 s shop, a fuel injector manufacturer of professional training and technical guidance, must be stronger.
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