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Maintenance of Fuel Injectors


Maintenance of Fuel Injectors


Over time, the fuel injectors may get clogged with impurities and may require cleaning. Cleaning injectors at regular intervals, as specified in your manufacturer's manual, can prevent costly repairs in the future. The following are some ways of cleaning the injector:


Fuel Additives


Fuel additives are added directly in to the fuel tank. They act like detergents and are effective in removing the residual gasoline in the narrow passages of the fuel injector.


Other Cleaning Methods:


Pressurized injector cleaning involves introducing the injector cleaners directly into the fuel lines leading to the injectors. This kind of cleaning is usually done at auto repair shops.


In some cases, the fuel injector is taken off the vehicle and cleaned using a machine. This kind of cleaning is usually done to diagnose problems in the injector



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