Maintenance to join 丨 teach you maintain the handbrake car - right DEFUS injector

by:DEFUS     2020-04-02
Car hand brake is not strange to the owner, the braking system is essential to protect the safety of the driver. In the process of daily use, we often ignore the handbrake on car maintenance. Actually, this is a very dangerous signal. We now share with you some knowledge of the automobile hand brake maintenance: like the foot brake pedal, hand brake lever also has a pull. Usually, when the handle is 70% of the lift to the whole trip, hand brake system should be in the normal brake position, so before check handbrake brake force, should first find out the working point of 70%, the number of working point can ratchet sound to determine. Can compare car parked at the quiet place, slowly pull the handbrake, clicking sound from the side edge number of ratchet, until the handle to the end. The present situation of the maintenance to check car hand brake drove the rolls into the slope is bigger, the road is in good condition ( It is best to asphalt) Slopes, stepping on the brakes, idling, If it is automatic transmission is hanging in the N block) , pull hand brake lever to determine the working point of position just now. Then loosen the brake pedal slowly, if the car without sliding, means that the hand brake performance is good. Uphill and downhill should meet each other. Curing to test the sensitivity of car hand brake besides braking efficiency, you should also check the hand brake, the sensitivity of the slope is particularly important. In the absence of slope road slowly, slowly pulling handbrake lever, feeling the sensitivity and junction of the handle. This checking method can make the handbrake body wear, check the number of times so shoulds not be too much. In the process of inspection, if they do not have the hand brake braking effectiveness, or sensitivity, can usually be solved by adjusting the operation of the hand brake wire rope. In the hand brake lever and the joint of steel cable (at the bottom of Generally covered by the inner decoration) Have an adjustable compensation mechanism, loosen locking nut with a wrench, you can stretch the length of the brake cables. But some auto adjusting mechanism is located in the car, if the inconvenience, should by professional maintenance staff to deal with. High speed while driving car hand brake maintenance joined with many owners think meets the braking system failure, can pull hand brake to slow down, actually it is very dangerous. Due to the hand brake mechanism is not precise, left and right sides of the braking force distribution, pull the handbrake when high speed is easy to make one side of the rear wheel lock, skid. Is the right thing by dropping gear reducer, the speed is very low when pull the handbrake will stop the car brake. Maintenance to join car hand brake is good or bad, is about security in the future. This cannot careless. Keywords: DEFUS fuel injectoroil change oil | change | maintenance center joined | | change | oil change oil maintenance maintenance | | car
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