Manned cargo king jiangling bible 07

by:DEFUS     2020-06-19
Pickup truck with a fairly strong off-road performance and load ability to become a strong tool, whether residential or commercial, pickup trucks are capable of, but as the pickup policy to relax, more and more consumers to buy pickup isn't limited to commercial, more and more people are beginning to buy pickups do play good carrier. Jiangling bible both strength and reputation for pickups, to leave the first impression of consumers is mostly domineering sliding sideways, don't care about the processing of small details, and as a positioning higher pickup trucks, jiangling treasure dian interior shape and materials are no longer confined to the style of the cargo, also adds more aesthetic needs and personalized layout, color, material and assembly process are exquisite, on top of the door plank with the cortex. Also provide leather materials and seat, and package and comfortability. Instrument panel is central in addition to a 7 inch touch screen, there are many key illustrates the configuration of the car is not low, that is the case, jiangling treasure dian is a pickup trucks have quality feeling. In addition to interior extremely careful detail processing and configuration, jiangling bible in appearance also does not lose fashionable breath! Jiangling bible in shape than the previous generation products more attractive. Former face modelling atmosphere hale, highly visual impact. The vehicle's line is concise nature, contain rich full-bodied European style; There is no lack of appearance and elegant temperament, the overall design, so to speak, achieve the perfect combination of strength and grace; The double-deck trunk box, strength, increase the load capacity of vehicles; Dynamic movement leisure double with frame, it may be said is the value of a car, the function of the second car. Manned, pickup truck will also be able to load, bearing capacity, or even a cinch cross-country, powerful, in the United States has been a hot, in recent years has gradually entered the domestic consumer life and work, such as jiangling treasure dian, inherited the fine quality of the brand, and was deeply loved by users. Appearance is jiangling treasure dian to calculate pickup truck models that grabs an eye, there is no lack of appearance and elegant temperament. Former face modelling atmosphere hale, highly visual impact. The vehicle's line is concise nature, contain rich full-bodied European style; The design of the model, the whole is the combination of strength and grace, the double-deck behind car carriers, strength, increase the load capacity of the vehicle. Treasure to 8 colors red, yellow and green shell rearview mirror to match the body color, improve the appearance of the consistency, looks comfortable. Dynamic movement leisure double with frame, it is with the value of a car, realized the function of the car. Adopt double curvature of lens design, expand the rear sight and effectively reduce the driver's vision blind area, so driving up more security; And its design in order to not only beautiful, it is quite practical, makes the model more wide, more streamlined, and the perfect combination of A column, is effective to reduce the wind resistance. Locking mechanism using X, Y, Z three directions, the tail door lock is more solid, reduces the noise in the process of exercise. Structure of wire and cable, contracted fashion, novel and beautiful, accord with the requirement of modern to pursue the high level of appearance model. Power on the jiangling good treasure dian word of mouth. Driver in the cab, the automobile can clearly feel the car strong power, after classics isuzu 4 jb1 engine with the Bosch Germany import electronically controlled high pressure common rail technology, open up very smoothly and high practicability. The imported technology of high pressure common rail diesel engine emission was reduced by 20%, but the horsepower and torque is 18% and 23%, up 10% fuel efficiency and easily through the euro iii emission requirements. Whether in performance, oily or bible on durability are far beyond the similar products. And the shift in the process of driving and clutch are easily, hooting, stable solid chassis and flexible manipulation of the long journey into enjoyment. Jiangling pickups, since 1993, jiangling bible brand has always been to 'fuel efficient, durable, comfortable' become representatives of quality of diesel truck, lists of the diesel truck supremacy. , according to a survey of the pickup truck users buy high-grade diesel truck before, nearly ninety percent of the user to jiangling bible as the standard of quality. Conclusion: jiangling pickup bible on the power, handling, and appearance, with extraordinary strength, win by quality, to the user more excellent driving enjoyment.
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