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by:DEFUS     2020-04-12
Now our domestic car is becoming more and more inclined to automatic-shift cars consumers, because of the automatic drive up very comfortable, and very convenient, especially in the us now city car more narrow road, traffic jams often happen, this time if we drive a manual car, then it would be very painful, but in the case of no traffic jam, more fun than automatic manual car, but we have a lot of people don't know in the right way to use manually. Manual car 'don' don't do this gear, will not only damage the gearbox, also is very dangerous! Stop in the first place if we are on a steep slope, we can not idling, parking in the rough side of the road, we should shut down, hang gear on the location of the '1', because of manual car stalled after hanging on a can rely on the engine power, if has the handbrake pull don't close situation, you won't get slide things happen, but in the next time will pay attention to while driving, and start the car when we are about to hit the brakes first, then hang gear in neutral, and then to start. Second is traffic jams, many people are like to use half a linkage in order to facilitate the way to use the clutch, but if we are often stuck in traffic with a linkage to start, transmission clutch bearing will be fever, fever can seriously reduce the service life of clutch for a long time, we try to put the gear on the cheap place, even when cornering, we also try not to step on the clutch, to shift down as far as possible, because at the time of bend on the clutch can be very dangerous. Third, many drivers manual models, in order to facilitate all like long time put his left foot on the clutch pedal, sometimes in the process of moving a subconscious step on the clutch, so for a long time operation, clutch soon obsolete. Fourth, we have a lot of people like dancing to hang, many older drivers like to start with 2 files, start hitting top 4 files, the operation is very easy to make the use frequency is not the average gear, cause uneven wear and tear, in fact, we still want according to our normal in driving method, a gear to a. There is a lot of older drivers like neutral glide, will feel neutral glide will be more fuel-efficient, actually this is wrong, now the car has been basically efi, neutral glide can make cars instead of fuel, how do you see?
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