Methods for removing carbon deposit in car engine

by:DEFUS     2020-05-23
Car hanging bottle. Hang a bottle-shaped tool above the engine, then pour the cleaning agent into the bottled tool, and introduce it into the engine through the duct to achieve the purpose of cleaning carbon deposits. The price is around 1,000 yuan. If the engine has serious carbon deposits, this method will cause the three-way catalytic system to become blocked or damaged. The method to solve the carbon deposit problem: 1. When the vehicle is driving at high speed, the engine intake and exhaust volume are large, and some carbon deposits can be blown out of the engine. Therefore, if you want to reduce the carbon accumulation of the car, you need to run high speed regularly. The time is too short and the effect is not good. Generally, it is better to be more than 1 hour. The car must run high speed every 2000 kilometers. When running at high speed, try to choose a place with good road conditions and few vehicles; 2. Do not drive for a long time at idle speed. The idling time is long, the time for the engine to reach normal temperature will become longer, and the evaporation speed of gasoline after sprayed to the back of the valve will be slow, resulting in carbon deposition. At the same time, when driving at idle speed frequently, the air flow into the engine is small, so that the scouring effect on carbon deposition becomes very weak, which will promote the deposition of carbon deposition; 3. The carbon deposits in the engine are caused by insufficient fuel combustion; the normal operation is to step on the accelerator randomly. Accelerate the engine randomly (bump oil). Cause the engine to deposit carbon.
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