Motor nozzle cleaning

by:DEFUS     2020-05-20
As one of the key components of nozzle electronic fuel injection engine nozzle, its work is good or bad will seriously affect the performance of the engine. clogging will seriously affect the performance. Jam is the cause of it is due to the coke deposition on the nozzle in the engine or blocked nozzle pathways such as the impurity in the fuel. The car after a period of time, the fuel system can form a sediment. Fuel directly related to the formation of sediment and car: the first is due to the gasoline itself contains pectin, impurities, or into the dust and impurities in the process of storage and transportation, etc. , accumulate over a long period to form in areas such as the automobile fuel tank, oil inlet similar sludge deposits; The second is due to the unstable ingredient in gasoline reaction under a certain temperature, the formation of colloid and resin dope. The dope in the nozzle, the inlet valve parts, such as burns, sediment becomes hard carbon deposit. In addition, as the urban traffic congestion, car in low speed and the idle state, often more can aggravate the formation and accumulation of these deposits. Fuel system sediment has great harm. Sediment will plug nozzle needle valve, valve hole, affect the performance of electronic injection system precision components, led to the decrease of the dynamic performance; Sediment will be formed in the intake valve deposit, cause its closed lax, the engine idle speed instability, increase fuel consumption and emissions worse; Sediment will be at the top of the piston and cylinder cover parts of hard carbon deposit, due to the high heat capacity and thermal conductivity of carbon deposit is poor, easy to cause the failure such as engine BaoZhen; In addition also will shorten the life of three yuan catalysts. work good or bad, for each engine power plays a fundamental role into full play. Due to poor fuel nozzle work is ineffective, carbon deposit in cylinder is serious; Accelerate cylinder, piston ring wear, causing unstable idle speed, fuel consumption increase, accelerate the weakness, starting difficulty and the excess emissions, serious will thoroughly clogging nozzle, damage the engine. Have regular cleaning nozzle, therefore, not for a long time or frequent cleaning spray nozzle cleaning will cause bad effect. As for the problem of time cleaning, according to the peace and in perfect condition to determine the quality of fuel oil, in general, now most suggest user washed 2 ~ 30000 km or so. In good shape, good quality of fuel oil can be extended to 4 ~ 60000 km or so. When the nozzle can be mild blockage, also have certain influence to shape. Sometimes appear such failures: hang a block, start, some car jitter, high-grade, such as acceleration, this phenomenon disappear again, assume various sensors work on the car, the choke is cleaned, the circuit is normal, it may well be nozzle slightly blocked. But accelerated high gears could be slightly colloid and gush go ( Dissolved) The performance of the car again. Such minor plug nozzle, generally do not need to clean. Because of a slight colloid can be dissolved away. So in the daily drive, should always run a run high speed, to reduce into the possibility of carbon deposit. When gasoline is of poor quality or driving cars for a longer time, if don't clean the nozzle for a long time, the blocking phenomenon will be more serious, leading to poor engine fuel injection, spray Angle and atomization, the engine idle speed, acceleration, or work full load condition is bad, make engine power, fuel consumption, exhaust emissions increased, even make the engine will not work. Therefore, we should carefully cleaned regularly test nozzle, to ensure that the work is good.
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