Motor nozzle unpick and wash steps

by:DEFUS     2020-05-27
1, first disconnect the fixed oil rail 2 screws. 2, remove inlet pipe. 3, remove the four nozzle power supply terminals, press the clip on the interface, you can unplug, pay attention to, not with a brute force, and throttle and also remove the idle speed motor. 4, in advance in the nozzle and the engine interfaces to drop a few drops of oil, pull up a lot, use a little strength to remove the fuel rail, don't be afraid of a bad pull. 5, the fixed nozzle iron break points, the clip can be turned back down. 6, and then remove the nozzle and advance in the nozzle and fuel rail joints drop a few drops of oil, gently activity can pull nozzle pull down a few times. 7, pull out when the fuel injector nozzle in the following container, there will be half a cup of tea of gasoline. 8, the plug and the washer nozzle connected and the red thread ends meet the anode. 9, the cleaner power supply calipers and battery connected and the red to the anode, black connect the cathode. The carburetor is pure and fresh agent prepared from low-level injection nozzle, a few seconds into a mist, so it has been cleaned.
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