Motorcycle carburetor cleaning

by:DEFUS     2020-05-20
How the motorcycle carburetor cleaning

release date: 2014 - 11 - 20 11:16:33

engine is the heart of the normal operation of all kinds of machinery and equipment, the carburetor engine run normally work is an important device, so the function of the carburetor to be reckoned with. Carburetor is mainly regulation of air and fuel, time is long will inevitably become dirty, take the motorcycle carburetor, the use of motorcycle carburetor alone for a long time will settle many impurities and moisture. This will make the motorcycle difficult start or unable to start, even if I could start, driving up also not smooth. So you need to regular cleaning the carburetor. The carburetor factory will tell you how to clean motorcycle carburetor:

1, the carburetor first removed from the motorcycle. First off oil, remove the tubing. With the plum blossom 8 or 10 (plum blossom Specific depends on size of nut) Connected to the carburetor and engine nut twist, twist carburetor and filter connected to the screw again. Finally turn off the throttle line pull down, oil, remove the tubing.

2, unload the carburetor float chamber. A knife with a cross the carburetor float chamber cover three screw twist.

3, decomposition carburetor parts. The carburetor main injection hole, idle speed injection hole and float off.

4, began to wash the carburetor. Main clean area: the main oil passage hole, the oil level of room, the oil level control of the needle valve, etc. Main hole cleaning is the proper way to use detergent on the oil outlet fuel injector nozzle spray several times, and then use finger to block the orifice inlet spray several times. Thoroughly remove impurities in and accumulated attached carburetor, such as rust, dirt, colloid particles, etc. , is clean refitted, and start the test, to observe the adjusting carburetor under various operating conditions in the use of technical performance. Aimed at the orifice jet with carburetor cleansing agent. Attention, eyes not on the carburetor, lest cleaner spray to the eyes.

5, carburetor. After cleaning, you can start the carburetor.

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