Motorcycle carburetor how to maintain

by:DEFUS     2020-05-27

Carburetor is the key parts in engine, carburetor, small changes are likely to affect performance. Therefore in the process of carburetor tear open outfit, to use the right tools, and moderate strength, in order to prevent the deformation of parts. The removed parts according to order neat, in order to prevent the assembly in the packing or wrong. Carburetor normal maintenance is actually keep the purity of the carburetor, and regular cleaning the carburetor, can maintain the cleanness of carburetor oil duct, airway, small aperture, which make the operation function of the carburetor play normal, this also to prolong the service life of the carburetor is also very important. Many carburetor performance failure, can be solved by regular cleaning the carburetor. The following is a motorcycle carburetor normal maintenance steps:

1. The carburetor cleaning to clean the area for. The surface first wipe carburetor, the internal parts of clean gasoline can use a dedicated carburetor cleaner or industry. In addition to the impurities, pay attention to clean gasoline gum on the surface of the parts. Cleaning the parts with compressed air blowing off, cloth or paper that produces the raw edges will not be used to wipe, to prevent pollution again. Blocked poke holes to disable the steel wire and other hard objects, to prevent carburetor performance by changing the aperture changes, should be used or compressed air to clean out of gasoline.

2。 In the process of cleaning the carburetor, when the carburetor float indoor have more sediment is found, are often caused by fuel filter failure. At this time to inspect the fuel filter, such as confirm its failure to clean or replace the new fuel filter.

3。 Such as long time not to use the motorcycle, the carburetor float indoor fuel must be put, in order to prevent the gasoline gum sedimentary setting, carburetor fault. In addition, be especially emphasized is that the position of the idle speed adjustment screw on the motorcycle emission, idle, transition, consumption etc all have important influence, carburetor cleaning generally prohibits the idle air adjusting screw rotation. If it need to remove the idle air adjusting screw, should first will adjust screw, twist remember turns into, when assembly according to the original number of turns back.

4。 In the process of carburetor assembly, screw connection to float chamber, carburetor and engine connecting screws, avoid by all means is a tight, must points several times to tighten, general tightening torque in the 12 n. m ~ 15 n。 M between. Otherwise there will be a great combination of surface deformation, leakage or oil leakage. Tightening torque gauge hole parts in 1. 5 n。 m~3. 0N. M between, tightening torque will damage the screw thread, causing parts deformation, even produce metal scrap, cause secondary pollution, influence on the performance carburetor.

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