Motorcycle carburetor tempering failure analysis

by:DEFUS     2020-05-27

Carburetor is the key components of engine, carburetor, the air and oil mixed in certain proportion to drive the engine, as it can use in the motorcycle and automobile. But sometimes the motorcycle always flame-out phenomenon occurs on startup, a phenomenon called tempering phenomenon, tempering not only waste oil and affect the service life of the engine, so to solve in time. To solve the motorcycle carburetor tempering first to know the reason, the following first to analyze the tempering of failure.

1, the carburetor adjustment improper

if the carburetor air conditioning improper adjustment screw, main injection needle position is too low, or float oil plane is too low, the mixture is too thin, can fold carburetor tempering.

2, ignition time late

if the engine ignition advance Angle ignition, can ensure that the engine, at the end of the piston compressor cylinder can generate maximum pressure in the cylinder there is enough time to complete combustion. If ignition time late, the piston arrived at top dead center of the compression stroke, the flame is too late to spread to the sixth corner of the combustion chamber, the pressure in the cylinder is too late, give mixture combustion time, at the same time can also cause at the beginning of the intake stroke in a smoldering mixture will be new fresh mixture into the cylinder ignition and burning to the carburetor, carburetor tempering phenomenon.

3, improper operation

in the process of driving the car, only turn the throttle slowly and steadily, the envoys valve opening increases gradually, into the mixing chamber of the carburetor air and gasoline ratio appropriate, the engine can work normally. If wild throttle, carburetor throttle opening will increase sharply, causing a large amount of air flowing through the carburetor at a high speed. This thin mixture in the cylinder was lit after the burning speed is slower than the normal mixture, the engine at the end of the exhaust stroke, mixture also continue to burn, which appear carburetor tempering phenomenon.

4, maintain undeserved

from the gas tank to the carburetor between oil not unblocked, also due to insufficient amount of oil into the carburetor and make the mixture is thinning, leading to the carburetor tempering.

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