Motorcycle engine boundary phenomenon analysis

by:DEFUS     2020-05-26

The motorcycle can be through the streets, and flexible, is popular in life of walking vehicle. Motorcycle boundary phenomenon appears sometimes during cycling, is very antipathetic. On this question, we consulted the motorcycle maintenance personnel, they made the following answer, and gives the corresponding solutions.

if the motorcycle was four engine and rapid step on the gas when the negative pressure to reduce the excessive boundary condition, this is because the mixture from the carburetor, immediately through the throat, the inlet valve directly into the cylinder, so rapid step on the gas had a greater influence on the movement of oil vapor concentration. The solution is to adjust the carburetor idle speed, the carburetor idle, slightly thick oil to adjust the main oil also adjust a little bit strong point. But if you want to more fuel-efficient, carburetor can't adjust it is concluded that oil is too strong; You need to ease a bit at this point, the refueling gimmick of the door, a bit like is old drivers drive a car slow step on the gas.

if the motorcycle is the two-stroke engine, due to the mixture from the carburetor, first through the reed valve into the crankcase, inside the crankcase by compression in advance, and then into the cylinder. The crankcase is like a full fuel steam accumulator, storage cylinder from oil-rich to inferior have a crankcase gradually dilute the relaxation process, so the plunger type carburetor for 2 engine urgent refueling door operation, more than four engine to adapt to some.

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