Motorcycle smoke what reason be

by:DEFUS     2020-05-20
Motorcycle smoke is what reason

release date: 2015 - 6 - 4 15:08:51

motorcycle is one of the important means of transportation, flexible quick is the biggest characteristic, so it was deeply loved by many young people. The carburetor motorcycle is an important part of someone figuratively compared the carburetor to motorcycle stomach, digestion, absorption, is good, mainly depends on the stand or fall of stomach, smoke is the performance of a variety of indigestion. Smoke vehicle gasoline consumption is large, often damage the spark plug, heaving, sound speed, make it is annoyed, motorcycle smoke mainly because carburetor mixture too thick. Below we specific look at the reasons and solutions.

1, the idle smoke is shown as: idle speed when the vehicle exhaust black smoke, the exhaust noise depressing, start must step on the gas when to start. The cause of the problem: idle quantity big hole; The carburetor float chamber oil level is too high; Start a tangy valve is not closed; Oil injection and the main nozzle fit clearance is too large. Solution: replace the smaller amount of idle speed. Adjust the height of the carburetor float, observe float chamber oil level to 2/5 of the float chamber is the normal oil level. Oil injection and the main nozzle fit clearance is too large a standard new parts should be replaced.

2, high-speed smoke performance for more than four turn exhaust black smoke, high speed vehicle power obviously inadequate. The cause of the problem: the air filter or inlet channel congestion; The main quantity large cross-sectional area of the bore; The main fuel injector nozzle and oil needle fit clearance is too large; The oil level is too high. The solution: clean air filter or replace filter paper; Replace cross-sectional area small amount of the main hole.

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