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by:DEFUS     2020-04-07
Engine can be said to be the busiest bus, and hard working environment of the worst parts, frequent power make the engine always in a state of high temperature, high temperature and the engine need to conform to the corresponding condition and lubrication oil to meet their operation, thus puts forward higher requirements on the oil. A car's engine as a driving force system what are the requirements for lubricating oil? And what are the key to the lubrication part? During the process of the use of these oil lubrication part will have what problem? The following will answer them one by one for you. Distribution institution - — Viscosity index and low temperature liquid lubrication of valve-train is through the oil is thrown upward splash lubrication, so basically in a state of boundary lubrication, valve-train and pressure valve-train is very high, so the distribution mechanism of lubricating oil at work request is higher. In that case, you need the oil has very good wear-resistant additives, viscosity of base oil and in a more wide range, the low temperature liquidity is demanding. Also valve-train may due to low temperature, moisture, rust and corrosion related parts and increase the wear and tear, so in this case, the oil to prevent it from rusting, generally want to add some alkaline additive in engine oil, etc. The piston - — High temperature and high shear, the clean dispersion performance in engine piston position may be embarrassing. In terms of lubrication, working condition of oil demand is very demanding. If there is too much can also lead to the friction of the formation, causing additional wear and tear, the phenomenon such as engine oil consumption increase. Carbon deposit piston ring causes additional pressure, after prolonged use, might fall because of excessive wear. So the oil should have high alkaline cleaning dispersing formula, can put the carbon deposit. Additional oil also has the very good wear resistance. The crankshaft bearing - — Kinematic viscosity and low temperature fluidity of crankshaft bearing is called sliding bearing, because at the time of high speed, using sliding bearing kinetic energy loss would be smaller. At the time of static, bearing, only a little oil, can only reach the boundary lubrication, after a certain speed running, it will gradually become a kind of mixed lubrication, the last is immersion lubrication. In this case, the lubricating oil inside if there are impurities, can cause corrosion, cause some damage to the bearings. For oil demand is characteristic of good liquidity, embellish, must have the alkaline detergents, can anticorrosive, certainly must have the filtering characteristics, similar to the oil filter, keep your dirty filter, otherwise can also lead to the decline in performance. Lubricating oil way - — Detergency and dispersancy on engine oil sludge generated in different parts can lead to the increase of oil viscosity, blocking oil oil supply shortage. The sludge formed by a period of time after a long time after the high temperature heating can harden is fragile, this is the so-called 'black sludge'. Black sludge will lead to increased part wear, can appear even bite. In order to reduce the sludge damage, oil has a good detergent and dispersant. The crankshaft warehouse - — Oxidation stability at high temperature, oil dispersancy molecules convergent synthesis of larger molecules cause oil thickening, then the oil viscosity increases, the consumption will increase in the operation of high-speed engine, is the 'mixed oil' losses, but also can cause pumping sexual variation, lead to a difficult start and oil supply shortage. Therefore, we need to oil has good oxidation stability and dispersion. On the other hand, the engine oil viscosity index improver of metal shear bearing or piston ring etc, becomes smaller molecules, which can lead to reduce the viscosity of oil, at the same time, make the oil lubrication performance degradation. Oil is thinning, thinning of the oil film between the parts of wear and tear. And in order to avoid tackifier molecules are cut, the oil has a good shear stability of tackifier. Petrol engine piston - — Dispersion performance, the use of clean oil performance over a period of time will have ash deposition, ash deposition is formed due to poor combustion of carbon particles and metal salt formation in the oil additives. High temperature causes the ash deposition caused preignition, before the spark plug to produce detonation, increase the burden of engine especially bearing and the crankshaft. Lead to uncontrolled combustion, heat, power loss and the increase of the vibration phenomenon such as noise. And because the ash aggregates on the piston within the cylinder pressure changes, is likely to be spontaneous, namely detonation phenomenon happens, the engine is very bad. In the face of these problems, it needs to oil is low ash content of lubricating oil, and should have good cleaning performance. The supercharger and hydraulic tappet - — Oxidation stability and performance in the case of adopting the supercharger, turbine temperature is very high, can lead to bearing becomes very hot, at this moment need oil has good oxidation stability. Hydraulic lifter is actually to buffer under the condition of high speed, between the valve and the steel bone percussion, makes the process more downy. However, due to the inside of the hydraulic lifter of hydraulic oil is actually in, if improper is likely to be blocked, the oil in different cases is likely blister, will rust. Therefore, requires that the oil has good cleaning performance. To know the working condition of the car engine, and select suitable for car use of lubricating oil is also necessary. Because of strict engine working environment, different parts of the oil has numerous and different demands, and this is today's oil production enterprises concern.
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