New car need to automobile antifreeze antifreeze? When will need to change?

by:DEFUS     2020-06-23
New car need to automobile antifreeze antifreeze? When will need to change? When it comes to car maintenance, I believe the driver of car maintenance are very familiar with, for newcomers, they may have no idea about car maintenance knowledge. Today, we mainly discuss the car really need antifreeze. When to add or replace? New car need to add antifreeze? Hello car driving add antifreeze, the winter is not necessary for antifreeze, directly to the replaced every two years or 40000 kilometers. Fangdongye attention points, one is authentic professional fangdongye, add water, fake is not good for the car. The second is the notice period, I tend to be two years in one time. 3 it is loaded with moderate, auto cooling fluid on the refill upper and lower limits, to remain in this range, if less filling, but premise condition is basic for multiple purposes must be the same type of antifreeze antifreeze, are available all year round. Cars with 100000 km no problem, you can refer to the manual under the driver behind the maintenance advice. Normally vehicle antifreeze is not lack of too much, don't need a lot of added. Antifreeze is the main purpose of cooling, antirust, prevent boiling, antifreeze, etc. According to the use of the car environment decision, in guarantee under the condition of antifreeze performance is good, don't go cold areas don't need to change. If you need to go to the cold regions, to measure the freezing point of antifreeze 4 s shop, freezing point than the local minimum temperatures can be used. Manufacturer's advice is in one year, but you can consider according to their own usage and cars, run more in one year, fewer words can one in 2 years. Fangdongye, also known as coolant is the condition of automobile engine cooling guarantee normal work, rust and scale will limit antifreezing fluid flow in the cooling system, reduce the heat dissipation effect, lead to engine overheating, even cause engine damage. Antifreeze liquid oxygen also can form acid, tank corrosion of metal parts, damage to the tank, leakage. A solution to the water tank failure mainly in daily routine check, should always check on the tank for leaks or corrosion phenomenon, to clean in time, change or add antifreeze, in order to improve the boiling point, prolong service life. In general, the range of twenty thousand km or antifreeze years should be replaced. It can rise to increase the boiling point, to prevent scale, rust, and improve the cooling effect, make the lubrication pump, avoid and eliminate the bubbles cause instant high temperature caused by engine damage. When automobile antifreeze need to change? First of all, when automobile antifreeze need to add? In fact it is not a fixed time, this is not said. When to replace it? If you are the original factory with antifreeze, older drivers to change a can suggest three or four years. Of course, there are also some friends said his antifreeze used for a long time, more than three or four years, but still did not appear the phenomenon of water boiled, what do you say this? In fact, although the old driver feel more than the replacement of fixed number of year, and there is no problem, but also do not represent is not going to happen, we need to do is to nip in the bud, appear truly bring situations, such as: what do you think is good for your engine? Furthermore, the antifreeze is more than one hundred yuan, basically even plus partners support dead to two hundred dollars, so why should we got her knife in his car! Finally there is a problem is, how do we know at ordinary times antifreeze need to add? In fact, this is also very simple, usually there is a small white box, in nacelle antifreeze used that is installed, and it will have scale, when less than the minimum scale, natural is to add the antifreeze.
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