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News: Some auto parts imported from Vietnam receive preferential zero tariffs


The import of auto parts will enjoy zero tariffs, which is the content of the "Agreement" issued by the Vietnamese government No. 57 and will take effect on July 10 this year. Among them, it is stipulated that domestic raw materials, materials and parts that cannot be produced for processing and installation are entitled to zero-tariff preferential import tax.

To enjoy the above policies, enterprises engaged in automobile production, processing, and installation of parts must meet the following conditions: have signed a sales contract for automobile supporting industrial products with automobile production and installation enterprises that have issued certificates that meet the requirements for automobile production and installation issued by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce .

Holding investment license, investment registration certificate, enterprise registration certificate or holding enterprise registration certificate indicating project objectives and operating industries, including the production of automobile and other motor vehicle parts and supporting parts, and ownership of production, processing and installation units in Vietnamese territory Or use rights and production and processing units with mechanical equipment. In accordance with the provisions of the Government's No. 57 "Agreement", the period of consideration for the preferential treatment is up to 6 months, from January 1 to June 30 or from July 1 to December 31 each year.