Not to clean the engine for a long time what are the dangers of carbon? What methods of cleaning the car carbon deposition

by:DEFUS     2020-06-16
Carbon is in the working process of the engine, the fuel in the unsaturated olefin and colloid in the condition of high temperature to produce a coke with material, then China auto parts under the small make up with all of you on not to clean the engine for a long time what are the dangers of carbon? What methods of cleaning the car carbon? Not to clean the engine for a long time what are the dangers of carbon deposition in automotive engine too much, and don't clean up for a long time, has a great influence on the car, detailed as follows: the first is to reduce engine power, make the power output is also uneven and gradually decay, in other words, more and more not force. Second, increase fuel consumption, increase the economic burden of you. Three cold start is difficult, which is lighter difficulties, ignition is not smooth. Finally, the combustion chamber carbon detonation, serious still can cause cylinder with lower speed acceleration noise, damage to the piston and the crankshaft, which seriously affects the service life of the automobile engine. And excess emissions, not only pass the year careful testing, also directly increase the harm of environmental pollution. What methods of cleaning the car carbon 1, clean the engine internal carbon: open the engine cover, the entire tank cleaner into ( And the old oil mixed) Light cover, oil cap, idle speed off after 10 minutes. Cleaning the engine internal carbon deposition, internal oil sludge, colloid, water descaler engine and metal debris sediments, and can reduce the pollution of the new engine oil, extend engine life. It is in commonly 30000 kilometers a cleaning cycle, for carbon deposition inside the engine cleaning method is very simple, just before the maintenance, the internal cleansing agents, add a bottle of engine oil mouths and idle running 10 minutes, then immediately to maintain oil change machine filter, owners can friends on the Internet to purchase engine internal cleansing agents. Mainstream cleansing agents currently on the market price is in one hundred yuan of less than, probably doing this can save you a lot of spending. 2, cleaning oil carbon: before refueling, will join the rest of the tank bottle fuel additives. See the instruction you car tank is up? Generally 50 - 80 litres of fuel tank with a bottle of fuel additives. Cleaning oil carbon include the fuel injector nozzle, the combustion chamber, spark plugs, throttle valve and other parts. The purpose is to solve the oil system for carbon deposition, glue and dirt caused by insufficient horsepower, fuel consumption, gasping tremble, and speed up incurable diseases such as confusing or difficult to start. Clean these don't need to remove anything, as long as the regular to add special in the car's fuel tank cleaning type fuel additives can achieve very good cleaning effect. General fuel additives can be divided into three types: cleaning, maintenance and improve the octane number, please don't choose the wrong, have to be to buy according to their own actual situation, and choose a big electric business brands. Add a suggestion per 3000 km. 3, clean throttle: remove the engine cover, remove the throttle, and use the carburetor cleaner for cleaning, it can be installed with cotton cloth to wipe dry after. Clean the throttle basically every time they go to a 4 s shop and maintenance staff suggested that we (should) do it. Usually throttle cleaning cycle in 20000 kilometers, the 4 s store charge according to different brands and models of the gap is big, ranging from 200 yuan to 800 yuan. Actually, we can through your own DIY cleaning throttle, it can save the cost a lot. Because clean throttle process is simple and the cost is extremely low, only need to buy a bottle of carburetor cleaner, 10 dollars to fix. If they usually don't have the time, you can literally find a city auto parts or roadside stall, 30 - to him 50 yuan, believe that there will be a lot of people do it. 4, clean air intake system carbon: buy a bottle of air intake system cleaner, fell in a dedicated cleaning equipment, the reservoir can connect to the air intake system, using vacuum cleaner suction inlet road, the car to do cleaning. Cleaning air intake system carbon is mainly refers to the inlet, intake manifold and other internal carbon deposition. The purpose in order to remove air intake system internal carbon deposition, increasing inlet flow rate and speed, decrease engine jitter and unstable idle speed. Usually 4 s shop or repair shop will adopt the method of hanging infusion bag or bottle within the inlet fluid into the air inlet pipe, and high cost. My advice is to try to decrease The Times of such cleaning cycle in commonly 60000 km for a cleaning. Because such cleaning has disadvantages, washed down part of the carbon deposition, although will be through the engine, but there will always be part of the carbon deposition was stopped by three yuan catalysts, easy to plug the ternary system, so the washing time shoulds not be too much. If you want to wash also can through the form of online shopping to buy some air intake system cleaning fluid, spend 30 to the store 50 partners to solve. More about 'not to clean the engine for a long time what are the dangers of carbon? What methods of cleaning the car carbon 'the content of the small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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