Nozzle is small role can be big

by:DEFUS     2020-05-21
Within the engine piston cooling nozzles is such a small parts, its role is largely to the piston skirt inside jet engine oil, used for cooling and lubrication of piston. In essence, it is actually a hollow tube in the path of the oil cylinder oil, inner diameter is very fine, if the oil within the larger particles impurities, it would be easy to jam it. And once it jams, the piston will due to heat accumulation at the top of the melt, resulting in cylinder. At the time of overhaul engine, must be carried out on the piston cooling fuel injector nozzle and dismantling check, and thoroughly clean the oil cylinder oil, prevent residue. Because the engine in the event of a failure, it is easy to produce some scrap metal, if not to thoroughly clean, maintenance of these residual metal scrap will jam again when engine cooling fuel injector nozzle, cause secondary faults, which is why a lot of friends card after overhaul engine in a very short period of time again, one of the main reasons for failure. In order to as far as possible will require oil injection into the piston, the nozzle and piston distance will be very close, but too close when the piston downward hit the nozzle, so some models of piston skirt department will design a gap, so that the piston movement of time just can avoid the cooling nozzle. During overhaul engine, the piston assembly must look ahead of the piston gap and the position of the fuel injector nozzle is matched, prevent piston engine secondary fault reverse loading.
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