Oil filter to replace the oil filter oil filter

by:DEFUS     2020-06-21
How to filter oil filter oil how to replace the oil filter in maintenance project, must be replaced parts. Among them, the most frequently change should be the oil filter. Oil filter is used to remove the dirt in the oil, metal particles, carbon deposit and soot particles and other impurities, to protect the engine. Therefore, when the oil change, should replace the oil filter at the same time. 1 how filter oil filter oil. First parked the car stalled, shake handshandle brake, manual need card into the gears, and automatic need to hang into the p block, confirm the chassis guard board, confirm that guard with oil drain port and the replacement of the oil filter. 2. Put off the old engine oil, using a wrench, loosen the oil plug screw started slowly, finally carefully unscrewed the oil plug screw, release the oil. 3. Remove the oil filter, screw out oil filter from the engine compartment, be careful not to touch hot exhaust manifold. At this time of the machine and a little oil residue in the filter. 4. Install the oil filter, according to the screw clockwise. Once the thread on, the filter is easy to install. Hand tighten the filter element, be careful not to get & lt; Too tight. Clean drain bolt and drain, then put the oil drain screw back. Rotate the drain bolt by hand, and then fixed with a wrench. Don't twist too tight. 5. New oil filling, open the engine cover, insert of funnel and inject a certain amount of oil, pull rod to determine whether they have been installed. Then cover oil on the cover, wipe the spilled oil. 6. To start the engine for a few minutes. And then shut down, check the oil feet again to determine whether the oil level. The last to see if there is any oil leakage at the bottom of the vehicle. Master: the above are the main steps of replacement of oil filter, if there is no certain professional knowledge and field experience the proposal goes to normal repair shop or 4 s shop or for maintenance. If to replace oil and oil filter, remember the old oil recycle get proper place, in order to avoid polluting the environment. Master in this paper, from the car's official website, more about car maintenance, please visit the car master channel car maintenance. How to change the oil filter enough new oil: check your user manual to choose the appropriate SAE the amount of oil viscosity and API performance and need. A new oil filter: most vehicles use different type and size of the rotation of the oil filter. ( Check your user manual to choose the appropriate type and size) 。 Machine filter wrench: this is a replacement filter the necessary tools. Gloves: outline map of this kind of cotton gloves. Put on the gloves first prevented slippery, secondly to prevent burns. 'Oil basin must be used, to prevent the oil flow and the land is. Suggestion: to position a plastic bag in a basin and is more convenient to deal with waste engine oil, also can let the bowl clean. A funnel and a wooden wedge ( The two is not a must that you'd better) 。 Jack: the car will bring. ( If owners in filter, can also tao nets are needed, the price is in 75 yuan or so. ) The first step: vehicle preparation. Run the engine, to the working temperature. Then use the jack will vehicle jacking, pull hand brake and front wheel chock to squeeze. Into the chassis to see ( Note, please be sure to get to know you first special safety precautions which are mentioned in the user manual) 。 The second step, from the old oil. With 15 mm wrench to loosen a bit oil plug screw counterclockwise. Don't twist. Then put the set of good plastic basin under the screw ( Put some back a bit. To prevent out of oil, oil spray away. ) Put basin, with the hand to twist screw, to the little drops of oil, be careful twist the screw. Don't let the hot oil burns. ( Suggest the cool car do maintenance. ) The third step, remove the oil filter. Such as oil flow almost, can use the machine filter wrench unloading machine, open the engine cover on the oil cover, using filter wrench counterclockwise to unscrew the oil filter. Screw out oil filter from the engine compartment, be careful not to touch hot exhaust manifold. At this time of the machine and a little oil residue in the filter. Be careful not to drop is everywhere.
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