Path view and how should I choose?

by:DEFUS     2020-06-16
Mention domestic SUV models, especially the compact car, between each car brand, mutual competition is intense, the main reason is people enthusiasm for the SUV, compared with the small suvs and medium-sized suvs, compact SUV car price, or car space, has a unique advantage, overall car sales is considerable. But as the public view of main road after L, as with the concept of the public road car brand, after sales, compared with belong to the compact SUV models, Renault's division I, car price relative to embarrassment, it's no wonder small make up the car salesman will say around, a lot of intention client, now in car selection, hesitated between I and road view, don't know who to choose? Buy the popular concept of good and buy Renault division I good? Since the concept of Shanghai Volkswagen way listed, this is known as the 'god' of suvs, much attention has been paid to have although there are many for the concept of road network, but still can't stop it become joint brand sales in the first car. Path view in the sequence of Shanghai Volkswagen now has two cars, the first is the way concept version of the silk road, and in the second paragraph is the way this view L, from price level or just listed if and division I contrast view L more appropriate. From the cause of the price level that is from the price level, a proud now clay 2017, paragraph 2. 5 l flagship sells for 26. 980000, and the concept of road 330 tis flagship version for 27 L. 680000, price difference is not big. But look from the configuration, division I 4 x4 is one of the biggest bright spot, because of the way L for the two drive model, probably for most SUV consumers all-wheel-drive and two drive to choose a lot of people will choose all-wheel-drive. But driving mode is only one of vehicle configuration, for nowadays most SUV users, car driving in the city, mainly are therefore all-wheel-drive really had little impact. Relatively individual think way view L compared to division I view of the advantage is more obvious. From the family car the biggest demand space first from the family car demand space, division I wheelbase way view for 2705 mm L wheelbase 2791 mm, on feeling way view L space for better performance. In driving ways at the same time, the concept of road L carry is 1. 8 t turbo engine, which I carry is 2. 5 L naturally aspirated engine, considering the city traffic turbocharged more appropriate, particularly in view of fuel consumption control way L of fuel consumption in July. About 5 l, and the division I is in July. Around 9 l, division I in the actual driving fuel consumption is slightly higher. Second, in the aspect of maintenance, after all, buy a car could not maintain, Shanghai Volkswagen advantages are very obvious in this respect, the layout of the 4 s shop or the number of 4 s shops, all can't be compared with Shanghai Volkswagen, Renault and maintenance costs two cars were similar, the suggested to buy a car to the nearest maintenance models, it is also considered to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption. For fellow compact SUV models, division I for road view, car appearance on the size of the obvious advantages, the division I high body width of 4672 mm / 1843 mm / 1678, compared with the dimensions of the public road view 4506 mm / 1809 mm / 1685 mm, the length of the division I car obvious advantages, the concept of a general way, 2684 mm automotive wheelbase, section I of the automobile wheelbase 2705 mm, more let a person enchanted, after all, car wheel base, car interior aboard will be more lenient. Car configuration on appearance, way, reversing radar, hernia headlamps, a key to whole vehicle lift, appearance configuration more rich. Otherwise directs view composed of car looks different, Renault division I car front line equipped with leds, lamps, China open sleek cars, with obvious body line collocation characterization, the division I car look fashionable breath is very thick, under the section I have advantages wheelbase, division I and the public road on the concept of interior design, both car has some shortage, car interior design is very dull, lack of the young people love fashion and vitality. On the car interior configuration, although I used the flat-bottomed steering wheel design, same four and the way to adjust, but on the back seat of the adjustment, than the public way view before and after the second row of backrest adjustment, has obvious deficiencies, but secco airbags protection I, 5 airbag compared with popular 3 bag, have done very well on the safe protection. Due to two different car up the price, but in view of the public road after the price, now the car price and I also a huge difference, and is equipped with 1. 6 the at 8 t160 horsepower, gearbox, compared to division I 2. 0 the -l150 horsepower, CVT boundless gearbox, the concept of the public way obvious advantages, in the case of vehicle stability control configuration is good, the concept of the public road car sales in October 26231, compared with the 2071 division I, the difference of two car is larger. The personal advice to buy a car or must see the essence through the phenomenon, road view L is a real ashkenazi models, the original ashkenazi process has been acclaimed, though vw SUV time is not long, but are basically their own independent research and development, have great originality. Brand, which I though it is law system but Renault suvs in research and development rely on is nissan's technology, through the comparison we found that the driving experience and related families, I actually very similar to the nissan, jun, in other words, division I change can be seen as a shell, jun, the appearance of the car covered with law system of Japanese, and, what is the price of jun believe a lot of people very clearly as well.
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