Photocatalytic really can effectively deal with the pollution? Which in addition to good effect of formaldehyde photocatalytic and bamboo charcoal?

by:DEFUS     2020-06-20
For the friend that bought a new car must have heard of the word light catalyst, believe that many owners have tried, but light catalyst can be really effective against pollution? Whether personal feeling or psychological effect, we reflect each are not identical, China auto parts below small make up with all of you on photocatalytic really can effectively deal with the pollution? Which in addition to good effect of formaldehyde photocatalytic and bamboo charcoal? Photocatalytic really can effectively deal with the pollution light catalyst under the irradiation of light, can produce similar to photosynthesis of photocatalytic reaction, produce strong oxidation ability of free hydroxyl and reactive oxygen species, have very strong light oxidation reduction function, can be oxidative decomposition of various organic compounds and some inorganic matter, can destroy bacteria cell membrane and curing viral proteins, can kill bacteria and decompose organic pollutants, the decomposition of organic pollutants into non-polluting water ( H2O) , carbon dioxide ( 二氧化碳) And other harmful substances, thus has strong sterilization, deodorant, mouldproof, antifouling self-cleaning, air purification function. Statistics show, the light catalyst after spray drying, ( In the light) 60 seconds began to play a role of sterilization, 12 - Break down within 24 hours, kill all kinds of bacteria rate was 99%. Smooth accelerant in under the action of light, with functions of continuous sterilization. A coating, can be in 10 - 15 years continue to play its efficacy. According to the national standard of indoor air quality, the indoor bacteria may not exceed 2500 cfu/m3. And use the light catalyst spraying a closed room, bacterial count is only 50 cfu/m3, much lower than the national hospital, star hotels, the current standard of disinfection and sterilization. ( Hospital disinfection standard of 200 cfu/m3) Therefore, the photocatalytic really can be deal with pollution. However, experts say, in general, light catalyst for temperature without restrictions, REDOX reaction under the condition of normal temperature can occur. But light catalyst must be under ultraviolet light to work, if you can't get the sun, if you want to activate the light catalyst, then you must add another uv lamp. The selection of ultraviolet lamp should be 254 nm or 365 nm effect is better. As to natural light and fluorescent lamp, etc. Under the condition of weak light even light, smooth accelerant is not work properly. The so-called light conditions play a role of 'catalyst' cold already lost the true meaning of 'light catalyst'. Which in addition to good effect of formaldehyde photocatalytic and bamboo charcoal 1, catalytic light catalyst is a kind of nanoscale metal oxide materials ( Commonly used titanium dioxide) It under the action of light, can produce strong catalytic degradation effect, effectively degrade the harmful gas such as formaldehyde in the air, there are selling all in addition to formaldehyde photocatalytic. Advantages: low cost, durability for several years, is good for your health. Faults: unable to inhibit the release of harmful gas, reaction in the process of users are still being hurt by the harmful gases, hard to do a thorough effective purify air quality. Other titanium dioxide only under ultraviolet light, and some sticker solar film can block off ultraviolet ray, thus affects the effect of car light catalyst. 2, placed indoors package activated carbon, such as bamboo charcoal package, use of activated carbon adsorption harmful gas inside the car. Advantage: the purchase and use is relatively simple. Activated carbon has the characteristics of the pore number, formaldehyde and other harmful substances have very strong adsorption, the smaller the particle adsorption effect is better. And the use of activated carbon belong to the physical methods, won't produce secondary pollution. Faults: long working period, need to will regularly charcoal bag air is basked in, in order to restore the activity of the activated carbon, similar to a process of 'carrying' harmful gases, so need to use for a long time before they can to a certain extent, reduce the concentration of harmful gases. In addition, the method does not remove or destroy function, use during personnel exposed to harmful gas environment, still being hurt by the harmful gases. Above all, the theory of effect, smooth accelerant is even more than the bamboo charcoal. More about 'photocatalytic really can effectively deal with the pollution? Light catalyst and the content of the bamboo charcoal which in addition to good effect of formaldehyde 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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