Prevent lateral spreads the light is what reason, prevent lateral spreads the light

by:DEFUS     2020-06-23
Different brands of auto makers of vehicle sideslip prevention system call is different, such as body stable system ( ESP) , the traction control system ( TCS) , driving wheel antiskid system ( ASR) , vehicle dynamic control system ( 伏直流电) And so on, of which the ESP is the highest form of current vehicle anti-skid system, we usually say antiskid system mainly refers to the ESP trouble light lamp. Prevent lateral spreads the light is what reason, prevent lateral spreads the light is on or off? When the sideslip when lit up, says esp closed or fails, anti-skid system ( esp ) Lit up the reason has the following several aspects: 1, hand close button on the ESP by mistake; 2, loose sensor wiring head or failure; 3, short circuit or related blown fuse; 5, a software problem leads to poor signal transmission; 6, abs pump body of failure. ESP is mainly used for dealing with emergency to avoid obstacles is continuous to spin out of control risk. When emergency avoidance, ESP in work increase the driving wheel torque; When there is a trend of spin, ESP will be carried out on the other side of the wheel braking rotation, thus help vehicles comply with the driver's steering intention. Anti skid lights do 1, if the light occasionally, and then go out, it is the road electronic stability system launched, normal phenomenon. 2, if has been bright, then is the electronic stability system is out of order, then turn off body stabilization system switch, open again, and then shut down the engine and vehicle power supply, wait a minute or so, and then start the engine, see or not normally on. 3, most of the time don't need to deal with, eliminate the fault code, but it is possible that the sensor fault or instrument control unit, need to replace the damaged parts. Rainy days on how to prevent side sliding 1, to ensure normal vehicle braking system performance when in place to ensure that the front and back brake can generate uniform braking force at the same time, avoid ahead of the front wheel lock the rear wheel or deviation caused by four wheel uneven body moving direction. 2, rain, snow, road traffic, be sure to keep the vehicle's speed even, trampling and loosen the accelerator pedal action to smooth, don't suddenly accelerator pedal to accelerate or suddenly took up the throttle deceleration. Accelerated produce sideslip to immediately reduce the throttle, and vice versa. 3, learn to accurately control the speed of the car, no vehicles equipped with ABS gap should be used when in emergency braking method, namely the first hard on the brake pedal, reach the pedal travel half to three-quarters, then back to a quarter of a trip, use this quick step and method of the brake pedal several times, and stop the vehicle. The essence of which is to imitate the ABS work form, neither let the wheel lock, can achieve the purpose of quickly reduce speed again, at the same time also can ensure driving wheel not was locked in the direction of control. 4, if the vehicle sideslip happens, you should keep calm, you must stop if it is caused by the brake braking, the vehicle to the left side will turn the steering wheel to the left, and vice versa, but cannot too big, otherwise will slide to the opposite direction. Can't use a handbrake brake, because most of the hand brake of the vehicle is rear wheel braking, sliding or rollover accidents are more likely to happen. 5, if the front wheel side slip, should hold the throttle, out of the correct direction. When the rear wheel sideslip, should turn the steering wheel in the direction of the slide, to straighten the rear drive circuit again after. Downhill when encountered in the rear wheel sideslip, can click on the throttle, appropriately increase the speed of the car, after being sideslip eliminate again according to the original speed. More about 'prevent lateral spreads the light is what reason, prevent lateral spreads the light to do' the content of the small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention. , your car's warm harbor!
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