Repair the carburetor opportunely

by:DEFUS     2020-05-28
Repair the carburetor opportunely

release date: 2015 - 5 - 20 11:32:46

is one of the important parts on the engine, carburetor, if they do not have the mechanical equipment operation, we first guess is there is something wrong with the engine, and is the core component of engine carburetor, so the engine problems are mostly damaged by the carburetor. Carburetor common faults are mainly oil, speed is slow, main solutions in the face of such problems as follows.

oil quickly. Phenomenon for overflow spill quickly, sometimes on balance tube also oil spill quickly, the fuel into the engine combustion chamber, flooding, cylinder, can't start. And replace qualified float needle component, for not replacing fay with die casting type float needle base, can only replace the rubber head float stitches. Float needle still cannot be ruled out fault, replaced with float needle repair machine repair. Prosthesis available steel bar production, lathe processing into than float needle base on inner hole slightly thin, at the top of the cone, cone should be less than the original float needle taper. Processing must be after the completion of polishing the top with the flannelette, put the top of the prosthesis in the float inside the needle base, with a small wooden hammer tapping number, and then reassembled and float float needle, plug in the tubing, open the oil switch, put the carburetor horse, after more than ten minutes of needle there is oil leakage, namely to repair properly.

carburetor oil leakage problems, if using conventional methods cannot completely eliminate failure, can use boiling water. Before cooking, should put in all the carburetor can open it all components of the open. When cook just cook the carburetor main body with the same amount of screw hole. After boiled, reassemble the can. In addition to the mechanical damage of the carburetor, the boiled carburetor, generally can be restored to the new level of carburetor.

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