Replace the air filter techniques have? Replace the air filter note have

by:DEFUS     2020-06-21
Air filter is to remove the particles in the air material device, have the effect of filter dust and sand in the air, ensure into enough, and clean air in the cylinder. The air filter can change yourself? Replace the need to pay attention to? The next China auto parts small make up with all of you about the replacement air filter techniques have? Replace the air filter note have? Replace the air filter what are the skills of 1, smell, because he is certainly smell out unless in a few days do not use it, but can bring other people let other people tell you have peculiar smell. Let oneself have prepared, but especially in the spring and autumn day but also need to know in advance and change or easily because air problems cause colds, etc. 2, listen, listen to start the air conditioning when any noise or noise, because these could be cleaner is not as clean as filtering impurities. And by this way also can be used as a reference. 3, look, if you can't filter air filter is dirty then exports could easily have float ash, then can be determined by float ash you must replace the filter. But this is finally has no, or two tricks before the main Suggestions. 4, diy cleaning filter, open the hood, there will be a black square or rectangle box. Then there is a large ventilation pipe is connected to the throttle. The above some screws and some pressure. Can open out easily. Are generally clean, blew the dust off. If it is too dark or use for a long time that the installation again, when installing air filter, is blowing in the first. Replace the air filter note what air filter normally 1000 - Replaced every 1500 hours, the use of the environment is particularly bad places, such as mining, ceramics factory, mill, suggest you to change air filter every 500 hours. Clean or replace the air filter element, the component must be close to, fight foreign bodies fall into the intake valve. At ordinary times must often check whether there is any breakage, flat, on inlet pipe of expansion pipe and air filter inlet valve connectors loose, flat. If there should be timely repair, replacement. Oil and gas separation filter installation or replacement filter must pay attention to ensure no error conditions, such as rotating seal (right There should be anti-static measures) Emissions return pipe inside the remaining oil, return pipe must have a sufficient length to can reach the end cap at the bottom of the place, etc. Installation and replacement of filter, the heaviest if guarantee separation tank oil and oil filter dry on one side of the clean, easy to operate filter separation layer surface, reduce oil carrying quantity increase, efficiency, and blockage of the filter impurities in dry on one side of the back line, oil gas zone phenomenon. Filter design destroys the differential pressure of 4 bar, booster compressor valve until you reach the load should be gradually opened after calculation of the gas needs, absolutely forbidden suddenly vent, the filter fine separation layer bursting and filter flattening, and a lot with oil. Beyond oil and gas separation filter design velocity range use, oil carrying quantity will increase. When installation, air filter and engine intake pipe between whether using flange, rubber hose connection or direct connection, must be rigorous and reliable, to prevent air leakage, filter two end must install rubber gasket; Fixed air cleaner cover wing nut cannot be screwed too tight, so as not to crush the filter paper. Some vehicle engine equipped with cyclone air filter, filter paper the end of the plastic cover is a dome, cover on the air rotating blades, 80% of the dust under the action of centrifugal force, separation and collection in the arms of dust reaches the paper filter dust is inhalation of dust amount of 20%, the total filtration efficiency in 99. About 7%. Therefore, maintenance of cyclone air filter, be careful not to will filter the food dome on the packing. What are the skills above about 'replace the air filter? Replace the air filter note what 'the content of the small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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