Replace the cleaning tank for ethanol gasoline

by:DEFUS     2020-05-23
Should I clean the fuel tank for ethanol gasoline? I think this question can be answered from these aspects: 1. Reasons for cleaning Because ethanol gasoline contains 10% ethanol, and ethanol is very soluble. If there is a certain amount of aged dirt in the fuel tank, it can be easily washed out and re-entered into gasoline after changing to ethanol gasoline. The dirt will be filtered by the gasoline filter. If the fuel tank is heavily soiled, it may quickly cause the gasoline filter to become clogged and the oil supply cannot be supplied. Not only that, there is always gasoline in the pipeline of the fuel supply system. Although the gasoline here has been filtered by the gasoline filter element, the gasoline filter element cannot completely filter out all impurities, so some impurities may adhere to after a long time of use. On the wall. Ethanol gasoline may also wash away this part of impurities. A car of a relative's home is used in the field all year round, with a mileage of 130,000 kilometers. The local used pure gasoline, and drove back to his hometown a few years ago. As a result, it failed to start within less than a month. Later, the reason was found, because the gasoline filter was completely blocked and the fuel could not be supplied. Just replace it with a new gasoline filter. This is a typical failure of ethanol gasoline. Because the gasoline we see is very clear, there seems to be no impurities. But be aware that the car must be refueled over the years and months of use, and the impurities in the gasoline are eventually deposited in the fuel tank. Day after day and year after year, the accumulation of dirt is less and more. After the ethanol gasoline is changed, these dirts will be washed away and problems will easily occur. 2. How to clean According to the above, we know that if you want to solve the problem completely, you need to remove the fuel tank and rinse it thoroughly. And the oil supply pipeline should be thoroughly cleaned. At present, people in the automotive repair industry seem to prefer simple and trouble-free methods. For example, oil circuit cleaning does not remove the scrub brush as we imagined, but adds a so-called cleaning agent to the fuel tank. In the end, they were all collected by the gasoline filter. 3. Is it necessary to clean I think from two aspects: The first is the mileage of the vehicle. The longer the mileage, the more refueling, the more impurities may be accumulated, and the greater the probability of problems after switching to ethanol gasoline. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the fuel tank and the oil road before changing to ethanol gasoline. But after all, even if you don't clean it lightly, the result is that the gasoline filter is blocked. At this time, you can replace it with a new gasoline filter. It is much more troublesome to thoroughly clean the oil tank and the oil supply pipeline, and the cost is greater. So I personally think that you don't have to clean it deliberately, just add it, and wait until the petrol filter is clogged and replaced with a new one.
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