Sail accumulator battery brand is introduced

by:DEFUS     2020-06-16
Sail battery please battery brand introduction, today ( ) Small make up to bring the windsurfing battery please battery brand introduction answers, hope you can like it. Battery brand introduction of electric equipment as the car battery power supply 'suppliers' quality is particularly important in the car, it is currently on the market the most common battery brands are: windsurfing, camels, varta, Bosch, ACDelco, unity, Mr Schur, west lake, join, swans and so on international brands and domestic brands in China, under the following five elder brother to introduce how each brand battery characteristics. A, varta battery varta battery now in self-control, Hagen, founded in 1888 in Germany is a famous automotive battery brand in Europe, has always been adhering to the high-end quality since founding on cutting-edge technology, for all kinds of high-end car top offers a variety of specifications of the battery products, including audi, Mercedes, BMW car kit is provided by varta battery. Varta passenger car battery can be divided into silver, blue and black logo three series, all application of Johnson controls unique PowerFrame times FuRui technology, to ensure that the battery has long service life and good startup performance, due to varta batteries later to enter the Chinese market, coupled with higher price, the consumer's reputation of cosco is inferior to sail, unified storage battery. ACDelco ACDelco battery is not only the production battery, it also enjoys a certain reputation in the field of auto parts, always provide consumers with for a long time to complete a variety of high quality auto parts, and the world first-class full range of maintenance services and customer service, consumers trust; But ACDelco battery except in some general models, seems there are signs of water on the domestic automobile market outlook field. Three, battery storage battery is unified by the tianjin industrial co. , LTD. , products, it was founded in 1992 by the President enterprises group of Taiwan and Japan co. , LTD invested to build, with a registered capital of $35. 2 million, covers an area of 40000 square meters, it is a very large scale battery fuel injector manufacturer, unified storage battery in the domestic price relative to other big brands battery is cheap and fine, but the quality is so-so. Four, join join international battery technology co. , LTD. , began in 1999, is specialized is engaged in the whole series of lead-acid battery research and development, manufacture and sales, after years of continuous growth, has become China's leading lead-acid battery manufacturers and exporters. Join in the domestic automotive battery car is not too widely used, mainly used in some special vehicle, for example. Golf cart, sweeping cars, electric moped, etc. , in terms of the quality of the price and the performance is relatively moderate. Five, camel camel battery battery from China hubei camel co. , LTD. , its main production 2 v, 6 v, 12 v series cars, electric cars, motorcycles, ships and industrial used batteries, camel battery by car after market called military quality, its durability is strong, large capacity, long life after the car market enjoys a good reputation. Six, guangxi swan swan electric storage battery co. , LTD production of battery for 40 years, is a national key enterprise specialized in the production of batteries, strong technical force, advanced technology, excellent equipment, special battery equipment and precision testing instruments imported from the United States, Japan, Austria, Germany, with international advanced level, the only fly in the ointment is the swan battery on promotion, seems to be no other brand promotion efforts so better. Sail battery please sail battery believe that many consumers seen most of the battery, can be said to be the household, in terms of price and quality are consumers agree, as an old saying goes, 'people afraid of famous pig fat, some illegal battery production enterprises, it is targeting the windsurfing battery, began a series of counterfeit fraud, making sail battery in the domestic reputation fell sharply. At the moment; Exist greatly although windsurfing battery in the domestic reputation, but consumers only listen to the name on the car afternoon field will be rejected, they are afraid of change to the 'niche brand' sail battery, compasses, windsurfing battery are those counterfeiters to play bad smell! Above is the small make up to bring us a good sail accumulator battery brand introduction, hope to be of service, pay more attention to the accessories of knowledge information please ( )
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