Sealing glair is good to the new car? What are the cars, seal glair step

by:DEFUS     2020-06-18
As many owners, when buying a new car 4 s shops often recommend owners to do a new sealing glair, China auto parts below small make up with all of you to new car seal glair, ok? What are the cars, seal glair step? Give new sealing glair is good small make up that new car sealing glair is good, belongs to a way of car maintenance. Seal glair refers to some polymer glaze by shock machine into the car paint, thus forming a solid layer of protective layer, improve vehicle paint surface gloss, hardness, and makes the vehicle can resist some scratches or corrosion, erosion, still can maintain the brightness of the paint, and sealing glair is equal to the enhanced wax, wax for the second time without seal glair. And for a new car, at the time of just bought more glamorous, but after a period of time after the sun and sand washing, car paint could be oxidation or discoloration, and for a new car, actually sealing glair is better, not only can keep the original car polish, and in the protection period without wax, after washing the car can be restored to its original appearance, reduce the external environment is the damage to the car paint, improve the hardness and brightness of the vehicle, even after the purchased a year or two, maintenance measures to do well, actually there is no difference with new cars. After buying a new car, therefore, was to seal glair, can retain all the paint is gorgeous, bright; Old do seal glair can make oxidation faded paint reduction brightening, to have the effect of renovation. In sealing glair, however, as the owner, if you choose to store when not, can not only protect the paint, will damage to your original car paint, so recommended to the best professional car beauty shop, not only the quality guaranteed and the price is cheaper. To begin the process of what a car seal glair, clean with clear water body paint dust, fine sand, rinse thoroughly. Second, sanding, such as body paint has minor scratches, oxide layer, spots, such as orange peel defect should be sanding process, the method is as follows. 1, use 2000 # water sand paper sanding lacquer, sanding areas shall be fixed according to paint, to zero defect or don't sanding in areas such as the corners or slight sanding, lest cause sand primer. 2, sanding, inch should be constantly add enough water to flush the paint ( Make the paint surface without sand dust, lest cause scratch) 。 3, should be based on the strength of the paint in sanding and used car paint, used to determine the sanding, and firstly. 4, sanding, sand not to decorate, sealing strip, chrome plating, door handles and should not be the part of the sanding, lest cause unnecessary damage. 5, generally, the paint like inferior smooth paint sample after sanding and slightly small bright spot for the best. Three, polishing grinding/polishing machine with polishes polishing paint. Four, in addition to wax wax removing paint layer with dewaxing water first, then use detergent scrub body ( For polishing dirt, if not clear will influence the product penetration) Wiping the body, and finally, a crack in the body of water with a blowing fuel injector nozzle blow dry. Five, the car body covered with paper tape all rubber parts, such as logo and letters to paste up. If there is a plastic sheeting, also must use newspapers to guard against, in case of glaze is difficult to clean up after. Six, sealing glaze pour glaze on car body, the glaze from the beginning to the end with sealing glair machine besmear again, when the vibration with slower, even, and then a slight mention glaze sealing machine, make the seal glair rapid rotation of wheel, throw the light can, as shown in figure 3, 5. After sealing glair, can see some traces of glaze, must tell the user that is normal, not within 8 h scrub paint, because at that time, glaze layer has not been completely condensation and will continue to permeate, wash wash it will unset glaze. Seven, baking in order to make the glaze into paint better, available roast lamp baking lacquer face seal glair. When baking must grasp the time and distance, if the time is too long or too close, ranging from paint to soften, attached to the paint on the surface of the glaze is first to dry, so as to affect the gloss effect. More about 'to the new car seal glair, ok? Cars, seal glair step what are the contents of the 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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