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by:DEFUS     2020-03-31
With the rapid development of China's oil industry and automobile consumption of strong growth, China's lube oil market is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges, automobile lubricating oil market because demand is relatively stable, become the main support of lube oil market, lubricating oil industry development survey, each 5000 - car 8000 km will need to replace a lubricating oil, as a kind of necessary consumer goods, oil demand is very big, in the context of the global economic downturn, has grown by the auto industry in our country is still at the same time more impetus to the development of the oil industry. Want after the car market business, we must first find out, auto market after the money, all in where? All happened in the link? How do you make money? Where did you make money? Facing the automobile consumption, after buying can be divided into the car and buy a car, in the whole automobile consumption chain, buy car actually accounts for only about 10%, opportunities are behind: come on, buy insurance, maintenance of these places have to spend money, are repeated consumption, all is the place where car after market money 'flows', 'flow' shows that there is an opportunity, how many shows the size of the opportunity flow, the oil change center in the form of services to drive product sales, be accepted by the most owners and businessmen DEFUS fuel injectorcenters in oil change constantly for self-improvement, to further improve the service level of technology and at the same time, more customers with better product quality and the best quality service.
Currently there is a global trend growing. People are more conscious about bbc fuel injection and are seeking alternatives to traditional solutions.
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