Shock absorber modified modified method of shock absorber

by:DEFUS     2020-06-23
Shock absorber modified modified method while listening to language refit vehicle shock absorber, often change the suspension, and change the suspension bridge often change the shock absorber. Many riders is no stranger to this matter, but it is not particularly familiar with. Next, let me introduce in detail the effect of shock absorber is what, why do we need to change the car to replace the shock absorber, and how to adjust and choose the appropriate shock absorbers. Shock absorber refit vehicle suspension is made up of spring and shock absorber. When spring is used to driving on rough road surface to eliminate vibration, spring can eliminate vibration, the shock absorber? In fact shock absorbers are used to making spring rebound after an earthquake shock absorption and slow down the road of impact energy. If a shock absorber has a broken car you drive, you can feel the car by every hole, after the ups and downs in the fallout from the ripples of a gentle bounce, and shock absorber is used to suppress the bounce. No shock absorber spring will not be able to control the rebound, when the car in the rugged road will have serious bounce, because when cornering will spring up and down shocks caused by the loss of tire traction and tracking. Modified method of shock absorber shock absorber is an important part of automobile suspension system, can maximum limit buffer car's centre of gravity of highly mobile, energy saving, reduce wind resistance, reduce the vehicle center of gravity change on the impact of the tyre. If not the shock absorber of replacement has been bad, not only reduced comfort, also can increase fuel consumption, running deviation, the phenomenon such as eating tire, serious still can cause a whole series of problems such as deformation of suspension system. If the owners are not satisfied with effect of the original shock absorber, can obtain better comfortable effect by modified shock absorber. And like to play with modification of the owner, can be done by modified damper change the effect of body height. To choose the appropriate shock absorber on market now there are several kinds of shock absorber, like playing sports car with twisted tooth shock absorption, the local tyrants only could afford the air damping, and according to the data from the original factory professional modified suspension. Main modified function: higher or lower body, Dan more soft hard regulating function, equipped with spring and so on. You can choose according to their own requirements. With a modified ABM below replacement process of shock absorber shock absorber case do an introduction for you. Modification of the shock absorber is related to safety, do not recommend people change myself. 'd better find a regular shop, let professional master operation. Mentioned damping shock would have had to mention another noun called 'damper', damping is when we are at a fixed rate produced by compression or stretching shock, its resistance, so the shock resistance can be divided into two parts, compression and rebound. Hard and shock resistance is bigger, the springback resistance is bigger, can be a very good resist will tire pressure back to the surface again after the spring compression force, the impact of the slow rebound and keep the vehicle stability. When we are into the bend and the bending, the balance of weight transfer speed affects the operation of the vehicle, this influence will continue to weight transfer is completed, the body weight transfer speed is controlled by the shock, shock hard words weight transfer speed faster and faster, the faster the transfer lead to response faster. Everyone has seen the movie 'initial D', car drift in the various corners in the movie, the wide range of weight transfer on the shock of all help! Some when the curved continuous turn the steering wheel, it is very wrong, it will cause the body under the unbalanced state cornering, cornering speed quickly, but there is great potential safety hazard. Is the right approach when cornering will play to party like a plate of a positioning, let the body in balance cornering posture, is also a hit out of the turns positioning, vehicle was allowed to return to the straight. Do not turn the steering wheel too much, cause out of control that overturned.
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