Should the car have two whistle sounds? Whistle

by:DEFUS     2020-05-23
Many commercial vehicles are now two sets of speakers. Such as coaches and trucks. One set is an air horn, which uses compressed air to drive a real metal horn to sound, similar to the principle of a siren. And driving in urban areas or places with many people is not suitable for using air horns, because the sound is really too loud, not just to scare people. Do not damage the hearing. At this time, another set of electric horns will be used, as in a small car. However, the family car speakers are all a set of electric speakers, two speaker units, one with high sound and one with low sound. There are also some cars that have only one horn unit, and the sound sounds relatively thin. However, there are no two speakers with different volume in the family car. I think the designer thinks that the speaker volume is not too high. I think whether the speakers are noisy depends on the specific situation: 1. It must be noisy when reminding the danger, so as to attract the other party's sufficient attention to avoid the danger. For example, if you drive normally through an intersection and find that someone is trying to run through a red light, then you ca n’t press the horn to be gentle. You must be reminded in place. 2. Someone is walking in front of the road during low speed driving. At this time, you can be kindly reminded that you can press the horn button quickly and lightly, so that the horn will make a short sound, and because it is disconnected just after the power is turned on, so this The sound of the horn is also lower than that of the normal work, which not only serves as a reminder, but also does not scare the other party and cause the other party to be dissatisfied.
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