Smart rearview mirror how should choose? Smart install rearview mirror

by:DEFUS     2020-06-19
With the increasing of the car, the related products around the car also ushered in the explosive growth, this year is not in the car with a smart rearview mirror navigation, was too embarrassed to admit that he is an old driver. The next and everybody about the intelligent rearview mirror how should choose? Smart install rearview mirror? Intelligent rearview mirror: how to choose the first standard after-sales understand the quality of the products first to know about the product after-sales time and way, the products on the promotion, packaging, after sales terms more or less have some official specification, general and automotive products are 3 months replacement, a year warranty, but there are replacement products for two years! From the time you can judge a company's confidence in the quality of the products, if the quality of a product is not enough to support the replacement for a long period of time, the factory is difficult to survive, so from the time, you can understand that can do two years in the intelligent rearview mirror fewer brands on the market. The second standard: take electric general intelligent rearview mirror navigation vehicle traveling data recorder modes are directly USES the original take electric car cigarette lighter, electric from the ways of product damage is bigger, because the car electric current is not stable, the product will produce certain impact current, voltage products processing must be done better, avoid caused by the current problem of intelligent rearview mirror navigation problem such as short circuit, break; Electricity from formal ways should be from directly in the fuse box of the car to take electrical plug, and product support ACC detection function, so intelligent rearview mirror navigation can automatically recognize automatically switch machine. Of course there are part of the vehicle traveling data recorder from the cigarette lighter can automatically switch machine, but the principle is not the same, because this way is inside the vehicle traveling data recorder with batteries ( Battery hidden dangers at the third standard) 。 The third criteria: it is well known in the summer of high temperature resistance temperature inside the car can reach more than 70 degrees, so the car level gauge product standards, in the high and low temperature after many products can not reach the standard; Now electronic product under the environment of high temperature, such as not boot, crash, the phenomenon such as card screen, because of his hardware in the beginning of design, it is not designed for high temperature environment, such as the CPU processor, screen and so on, general civil level is to stop working at a certain temperature, then the car level gauge is under the environment of ultra high temperature can normal use. If the product contains the battery at high temperatures, at high temperatures is likely to produce the phenomenon such as battery explosion, spontaneous combustion, so intelligent rearview mirror navigation when the choose and buy, can't choose contains battery products. Fourth standard: intelligent function of choose and buy a new car rearview mirror navigation recorder records the generally believe that only at the time of line, fundamentally analysis, actually we buy car electronics products, basic it is for the sake of safety, increase security, so at the time of purchase products should begin from safety, quality safety and function of safety and functional safety including the features of the product stability and practicability of the car, such as the effect of vehicle traveling data recorder records during the night, playback mode, active safety, control mode, etc. How smart rearview mirror installation 1, preparation before the SIM card within the box and SD card inserted into the rear view mirror respectively corresponding to the card slot, then insert the power cord into the rearview mirror of DC/IN interface; 2, install rearview mirror the rearview mirror and the original car rearview mirror stick, properly adjust the position of rearview mirror, ensure the camera is not obscured. Then remove them inside the box fixed belt, fixed for rearview mirror; 3, platoon line take electricity along the front windshield, A column, the power cord to A co-pilot storage warehouse, to the cigarette lighter port. Then insert the car charger into cigarette lighter port take electricity; Please use the lever box into A column strip, the power cord to A different car cigarette lighter port location, specific wiring, as the case may be, above are for reference only. 4, 1, launch vehicles, or adjust the camera Angle will be the key in ACC, to the cigarette lighter power supply, rearview mirror will open automatically. After opening, the newbie guide interface, can adjust the camera Angle; 2, camera support universal adjustment point of view, to support + 4 ° rotating at the same time. Please use the camera preview picture adjustment, to ensure that the camera toward the front car. More about 'smart rearview mirror how should choose? Intelligent rearview mirror 'how to install all content, in the hope that useful to everyone.
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