Speed gear installation method change gear functional features

by:DEFUS     2020-06-23
Advantages and disadvantages about cruze cruze, today ( ) Small make up to bring the advantages and disadvantages about cruze cruze solution, hope you can like it. Change gear installation method 9 x version change gear using very simple [ 2] , the only thing you need to do is to move the speed of the slide bar set you want. Set the speed of all processes in the system ( Also is the running program) Are effective. Note that some games can change in the running speed, then just set up want to speed first, then run the game. NT version of change gear use slightly complex than 9 x version. He only to those who you specify the process of shifting, has no effect on the rest of the process, thus greatly improving the stability of change gear. In the process of 'speed unchanged' list box is the process of change gear no change to him. In the list box to select a process, point to join the button, you can add him to 'the process of speed change' in the list. Some browse button ( Title is the three points that button) To open the file dialog. He chose an executable file ( *。 exe) 。 The selected file will automatically fill in the drop-down list box, and run automatically. In the drop-down list box to fill in with full path to the executable file name, press the run button to run him. Drop-down list box kept running before the executable file name. You can also choose a conveniently. By the process of change gear shifting startup process will automatically be shifting. Since almost all processes are made by the NT shell process ( Is to change gear is shown as 'Program Manager' of the process. Desktop and resource manager also belong to this process) Started, so if the 'Program Manager' into 'the process of speed change' in the list, will be a convenient way of change gear. If there is no correct process list reflects the current state of process, can refresh button to refresh the list. For some can change in the running speed, or will happen in the rate of change in the operation of the anomalies of the game, please first set want to speed, and then start the game using the method of in addition to the first method. Change speed change gear can use hotkeys easily. In cannot switch to change gear use interface, the game is running, for example, hot keys or even the only way to change the speed. Hotkey button can pop-up set hotkeys dialog. The change gear fixed speed hotkeys to set to a fixed speed, speed up slow down the hotkeys used to speed up or slow down. Choose 'speed up slow down if nuclear hotkeys used fine tune' the nuclear marquee, each time to speed up slow down 2 0. 1 power of times, every time to speed up slow down 2 0. 5 the power times. In addition, use Ctrl + speed up slow hot keys can also be in every 2 0. 1 power of times and 2 0. 5 the power switch between times. 'Enabling hotkey' nuclear box is used to set all hot keys are valid. Note: if you use the mouse to drag the slider will only stop at the integer times the position, but using or so key can adjust more sophisticated. You can also use the Page Up and Page Down, Home and End keys move slider. Change everything related to time. Functional features 1. Top speed of 256 times, fine-tuning precision can reach 0. 001; 2. Pure software way change, will not damage the computer hardware; 3. Custom hotkey, memory, speed, small functions such as automatic start; 4. Have self hidden protection function, to a certain extent, have the tracking, the shielding effect. Above is the small make up to bring us the advantages and disadvantages about cruze cruze, hope to be of help, the more parts information please attention ( )
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