Spit fire some of the basic introduction for details

by:DEFUS     2020-06-18
Comic 'spit fire' sunset by the Japanese cartoonist big d people, on November 6, 2002-2012, during the period of May 23 serialised in the weekly teenager Magazine. The center of the story content to many storm about the race of the AT team parts 'war' between the game. Hero tree, led his team 'small black pill' to the game. In order to become a legendary king of the 'empty' of tripartite confrontation in the sky, and make great efforts. Synopsis fly higher! Run faster! Only when the challenger to tread all the way through the myriad of blood test, when the full range of all conditions, the legendary king of the 'empty' will come to the top of the king. Nicknamed 'the strongest baby face' in the east of young south tree, a good fight, but have a sense of justice after an important duel, south tree in the storm 'skull crusaders' trap, deeply feel the air round shoes terror. The infamy makes him great insult, which combines with the fate of air round shoes. Main appearance characters 1, south of the hero tree. At east YunDong in grade three, because has the superior motor nerve and combat capability, known as the strongest baby face 'east'. Hair has a head of a crow, as are its nickname 'the crow'. 2, crocodile island, the way of the king of the tooth blood from the age of man, have multiple personality, appearance beautiful and lovely, very popular with women. Story instead looking only two personality, is a kind of 'the people' and '咢', a bloodthirsty two personality appear depending on the location of the eye mask, hidden in the right eye is the age when people, the opposite is 咢. The body can dialogue between two personality. 3, the saddle horse hollow man inflammation of male, Koch south tree playmates, friends for many years, a member of the 'little black pills'. Half-blood, blond hair is natural. Welcomed by girls but it doesn't know it. Have a sister in the home. 4, rice balls nirvana the way of the king's rancid male, south tree with ge's friend, has been nicknamed 'rice ball', stout. Home have parents and sister, his father running the family noodle shop, called 'full Jane building' dishes is quite strange, if the opponent is women appear invincible, seconds kill skills such as 5, royal 仏 Wang Chong chariots of a tea mountain rock of male, known as 'Buddha tea', father is a temple's abbot. Originally the storm the captain of the team 'the king of the night', the family is south after the tree down to join south tree line, and organized into a 'little black pills'. The nickname 'black pig'. 6, anda painting beautiful zhongshan yayoi friends, two people with membership in the east YunDong women's track team, later became the 'little black pills' unofficial members, like beautiful saddle horse Koch. Set the explanation AT ( AIR GEAR wheel was catnip/AIR shoes) Ats is an appearance similar to inline skating, but in large power, only the body will automatically forward speed up high-tech product. Users by a variety of skills, can reach a rushed to walk, such as building high pressure wire. 。 。 Such as difficult moves; At the same time, by the skill derived many offensive moves. Tectonic = tire motor + air suspension + + battery drive braking energy recycling system + shaft + + + change gear, the main motor coil coil storm AT can realize my dream of 'flying'. Is it 'suspension' to withstand by 5 - only commonly The impact of the falling caused by 6 meters, once landing failure will have life risk. But some in pursuit of stimulation and bring the AT play difficult acrobatics and jumping around people, called '' AT the storm. By A storm. T players together and become, by way of climbing through the streets. Way all Benz AT players have their own way, after the practice for a long time will produce the tracks of the strips and skills AT the end of the vertex, the trajectory was called the 'tao'. Each king of 'dao' is a 'king', and matching with the king AT call it 'decree'. The original only eight decree, others is inferior product. , pie, the tower of legends in the past, all the way, king and decree war in parts, the top of the tower of Leon. As time flies, and the king and his decree and the truth of all disappeared inside the tower. It is said that when the eight 'dao' and eight 'king' all gather, the legend of the king of the 'empty' will come. But later in the plot to overthrow the setting. Gravity an experimental one. Human in order to fly in the air, after making A. After T, imitate birds flying creatures, such as, send Leon tower of reforming the body down to the depths of the experiment, the experimental brain transplants, load the sense of 'stereo' and 'body rashinban', lets the human have the ability to 'fly'. Is characterized by the cross of the pupil, its use A. T and decree beyond the ability of ordinary people.
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