Steel plate spring by which parts of the steel plate spring?

by:DEFUS     2020-06-16
Steel plate spring by which parts of the steel plate spring? Steel plate spring ( Leaf spring) Is the most widely used in automobile suspended frame elastic element. It is more equal width but unequal length ( Can be equal or unequal thickness) Combination of alloy spring, its root approximately equal strength. Leaf spring by which components in fact, the somebody else is not plastic, it's named: 'pu resin glass fiber reinforced plate spring', this kind of the main components of the composite materials including reinforcing fiber and resin matrix, and then through a certain process ( RTM) Processing synthetic together. Seen airbags and steel suspension 'plastic plate spring' dare to use this kind of material is by henkel and bent le West Gerry company developed hand in hand, and its two characteristics: light weight, good performance, it is said that a composite material plate spring light weight 65% than traditional steel plate spring. ▎ the fresh stuff, though passenger cars have been used in commercial vehicle above rarely seen, but this kind of material has been widely used in automobile industry, the latest version of the Volvo XC60 chassis suspension is adopted in this kind of composite leaf spring ( 复合钢板弹簧) 。 Seen airbags and steel suspension 'plastic plate spring' dare to use it in the Volvo XC60 the transverse glass fiber reinforced composite leaf spring, made of glass fiber ( Bent le company provide) And polyurethane ( Henkel company provide) Processing and into. Seen airbags and steel suspension 'plastic plate spring' dare to use you also abroad some lightweight heavy trucks and buses, also began to adopt composite leaf spring design. Leaf spring? The major automobile manufacturers and supporting manufacturers have begun to research for this kind of composite material plate spring, many predecessors were too impatient to wait to spread it to mass production of products, so this kind of composite material plate spring exactly what good? First, in general, significantly reduce weight the total weight of the composite material plate spring ( Including metal joint) About 50% of the weight of leaf spring, can greatly reduce the suspension of weight, save fuel consumption. Seen airbags and steel suspension 'plastic plate spring' dare to use it for heavy duty truck, the effect of weight loss than aluminum alloy fuel tank more simple and crude, aluminum alloy wheels, if the whole vehicle change composite leaf spring can reduce tons of weight, this means that it can put more goods, save more fuel oil. Second, damping performance better heavy card commonly used traditional leaf spring stroke is small, comfort is poorer, and the traditional steel plate spring due to friction between the reeds, will produce a certain sound. Seen airbags and steel suspension 'plastic plate spring' dare to use it for the composite leaf spring load distribution uniformity, its own damping characteristics, can also speed up the vibration attenuation, good ride comfort for passengers. And the composite leaf spring leaf spring by the single structure, so no problem. Third, better durability of composite leaf spring have extremely high stress intensity factor, namely the high toughness. Under load conditions, the higher toughness means the better fatigue resistance. In the process of driving, automobile plate spring always bear dynamic load, flexible material with high resistance to fatigue performance, can greatly prolong the life of these parts. Leaf spring by which parts? Leaf spring is made up of several pieces and wide ranging from long range, radian range, thickness and so on, or combination of leaf spring a approximation, such as strength of elastic beam is adopted by most of the non - independent suspension and its main consists of leaf spring, spring clip, roll the ear, casing and bolts, etc. The first disc longest leaf spring, said is given priority to, both ends of the bending roll ears, inside the casing, pin and the bracket on the frame with steel plates or lug as a hinge. The center of the steel plate spring with u bolt and axle is fixed. Center bolts to connect the spring piece and ensure that assembly to the location of each piece of phase. Center bolt to ear center distance can be equal on both ends, called symmetric leaf spring; Distance is not equal, known as asymmetric steel plate spring. In order to increase the strength of the main piece and roll the ear, often at both ends to make the second slice to strengthen the ear, 3/4 package in the main sheet outside of the ear. Master piece with the second piece volume often left a big gap between the ear, so that the main stress deformation greater room to slide. Steel plate clamp when reverse deformation of leaf spring, is the main purpose of the frame left axle, make each piece does not separated from each other, and the reaction to more spring leaf, lest master carry alone, also can prevent the transverse rupture. When assembling clamp plate, bolt head should be toward the side frame, and make the nut on the wheel side, in order to prevent the bolt loose scrape tires.
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