Straight engine carbon deposition is it serious? Straight engine carbon

by:DEFUS     2020-06-22
Carbon deposition is gasoline engine as a result of incomplete combustion of solid carbide, normal gasoline combustion will produce water and carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, solid carbide, when the engine in the heavy load, due to no sufficient combustion, carbide will increase, in addition, the gasoline in the colloidal objects, also can produce solids when burning, the impurity in the gas combustion after also can produce some solids. China auto parts below small make up with all of you on the straight engine carbon deposition is it serious? Straight engine carbon? Straight engine carbon deposition is it serious now there are many models of carrying a straight cylinder engine, the engine in use there is a very serious problem is that the carbon deposition on the reverse of the inlet valve is very serious. This part of the carbon formation is the main reason of the oil vapor deposition in the intake manifold and the inlet of the engine. In ordinary manifold injection engine, is full of gasoline vapor in the intake manifold, and gasoline can dissolve oil, can avoid the oil deposit in the intake manifold, can dissolve oil sediment removal; And straight in cylinder engine intake manifold is pure air, can't dissolve oil, so there will be more carbon deposition in the intake manifold. This is a straight cylinder engine inlet valve of the main causes of carbon especially serious. Straight eruption motivation is indeed a form more easily in the intake port in carbon deposition, and won't solve the problem yet. The engine began to use mixed injection instead of in cylinder direct injection technology, want the engine no carbon deposition is not realistic at all. But, don't worry too much about this problem, carbon deposition existed from the engine start, as long as the carbon deposition in the normal range of engine is no much impact, if too much clear up. Straight engine carbon do normally, adopt the way of cleaning the inlet and the inlet valve cleaning, compared with the multipoint efi ( Manifold injection) The cleaning cycle, carbon deposition is likely to be according to specific use condition. General direct injection (gdi) models of the instructions will indicate the 5000 km and a bottle of carbon removal liquid, control the carbon deposition problem. If the product is too serious, will cause the engine more and more didn't force, increase fuel consumption, emission levels. So you remember at the time of maintenance of oil change, also don't forget to give car with a bottle of additives, for your love car to clear the stomach. In addition to this, the network is process that the way the following in addition to carbon deposition: 1, the hydrogen and oxygen in addition to carbon, hydrogen and oxygen carbon removal machine is to use the machine spray cleaning at the same time the airway and gasoline engine in cylinder. It is convenient to use, but the effect is not a 'quick', is usually 10000 km to clean. This kind of machine is generally depot or 4 s shop is, the cost at about $600 ( Different parts of the price may be different) 。 2, infusion bag or bottle washing or clear bubble in the garage or a 4 s shop down after each cylinder spark plugs, soaked the clear solution into the cylinder to the carbon deposition are almost melt ( About 20 minutes) , then use professional tools. The methods to clean up is not very clear bubble to clean; But it is very practical, cost is not high. If your car carbon deposition is serious, it is best to clean up a 20000 km. 3, artificial unpick and wash, now there are some repair shop or a 4 s shops are offering services to unpick and wash free, but if your car carbon deposition is serious, the advice is honestly the engine intake pipe and cylinder head down. Although very time-consuming, high partners; But artificial is cleaning the cleanest way to unpick and wash, open direct injection of luxury car 'the local tyrants' don't care about the money, suggest to 6 - 80000 km unpick and wash once ( Specific see usage) 。 More about 'straight engine carbon is it serious? Straight engine carbon to do 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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