Straight engine maintenance to add? Straight engine maintenance oil to add

by:DEFUS     2020-06-18
Straight engine with higher fuel economy and the advantages of small, compact volume, has been used in many domestic models. Then you know straight engine cover how to maintain? China auto parts below small make up and everyone about the engine maintenance to add? Straight engine maintenance oil to add? Straight what engine maintenance to add straight engine maintenance need to add fuel additives, both direct injection machine and injection machine, including diesel, fuel oil additives are will have very good effect, removal of carbon deposition, cleaning oil, maintenance engine, reduce wear and reduce the tail exhaust, more environmentally friendly. According to the survey data, the straight engine fault complain most were shaking and flame-out phenomenon. After the vehicle more than 7000 kilometers, often appear idle jitter, low speed and throttle response delay, and in driving the engine flameout for many times. Have data show that the vehicle jitter stall throttle carbon deposition is the cause of serious cause breakdown of the engine intake, many owners reflect the throttle to carbon deposition, just need to be cleaned once per 5000 km, the frequency is higher. Direct injection car carbon deposition was caused by gasoline direct injection into the cylinder, not on the back of the valve to clean. Ordinary DianPenChe because is sprayed into the intake and the petrol and then sucked into the cylinder, so for EGR gasoline/PCV circulation over the oil mist in cleaning effect. Direct injection can't clean, so the oil mist fell after the valve and valve near, by the high pressure in the cylinder of baked carbon, carbon deposition. Every driving certain mileage to do routine maintenance, oil change and a /. But each time the oil change is based on a bucket of unit, generally after the oil change will be a slight surplus. Don't forget to pack will sit out, later set aside. So, after a month or two must be added to find oil, liquid level decrease, owners can also use a few times to maintain accumulate oil before an oil change 'rinse rinse' engine, make the oil change more thoroughly. Straight what engine maintenance to add oil straight engine maintenance need to remove the oil plug comprehensively, fuel injector nozzle, the inlet valve of the place such as carbon, oil sludge, in view of the different parts of the carbon may choose to use a different product depth curing. Di engine if never maintenance advice or traveling more than 10000 km with a fuel injector nozzle cleaning agent. Engine within the recommended engine anti-wear protective agent for machine maintenance of tank. So straight engine maintenance need to add fuel additives, as well as higher oil, should according to the inlet and exhaust system of attachment and SD - use condition selection SF gasoline engine oil. Owners when choosing oil must know the vehicle using the temperature of the environment, and then according to the requirements of the vehicle's specifications oil level and viscosity to buy oil, carefully when buy to check the oil level and viscosity labels on the outer packing, satisfy the requirement of the lowest level and above should choose the oil. In sichuan province, for example, all the year round normally choose SAE15W - multi-grade viscosity standard 40 oil can. And hotter in summer in chongqing region, had better choose the oil viscosity is 50. At the beginning of the new car drove thousands of kilometers called period, at this stage will wear off small bump on parts, let all the moving parts fit clearance more closely, more smooth movement. This time is more important to choose the oil. Viscosity level is generally selected in the running-in period for 15 w / 40 or oil to get up to speed. Because after new car or engine overhaul, uneven parts fit clearance or too tight, need to get up to speed adjustment during the running-in period, if choose larger viscosity of oil, the fit clearance is not very good on the surface of the friction pair is not easy to form oil film formed by dry friction, cause excessive wear, appear even tile burning, such as holding shaft mechanical failure. Smaller oil viscosity as liquidity is better and can achieve a better cleaning effect and cooling effect. If the car in the city, as a result of traffic jam, belong to loss type driving, suggest that shorten the range of an oil change. More about 'straight engine maintenance to add? Straight engine maintenance to add anything of oil 'in small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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