Summer high temperature for car most desperately of 6 big hurt, the first most owners will encounter! - - - - - - DEFUS injector

by:DEFUS     2020-04-13
Once in summer, the hot sun heat waves to the crowd. Hot summer weather, our car is 'example, sufficient steam heat burning inflammation skylight'. High temperature day driving, particularly prone to flat tire, and this is the biggest security hidden danger in the process of daily use. Today we also said said the hot weather, the car will be affected by what damage? 1, car transport, easy to puncture summer notice first is the tire pressure. If tire pressure is too high, the surface of the gas expansion in high temperature will let the child eventually lead to a flat tire. The low tire pressure is flat tire will not happen? Is not, in the low tire pressure, the area of contact with the ground get bigger, the heat generated by the rolling than standard tire pressure. This will make the internal flaps layer deformation, accelerate fatigue, serious structural damage, it is also easy to puncture. Under the environment of high temperature should as far as possible to the vehicle parked in a cool place, before moving to watch and pay more attention to the abrasion of tires tire pressure condition, foreign bodies in the groove of the periodic inspection and cleaning up the tyres decorative pattern, ensure tyres in good working condition. 2, paint easily damaged sun exposure for paint damage is very large, because the ultraviolet ray in sunshine can accelerate the car paint oxidation. In strong sunlight, high temperature and ultraviolet light can cause the surface oil separated, resulting in the surface brightness and colour degree of decline, serious when paint will crack. Therefore, summer is the best for vehicle surface wax seal glair, the effective isolation and protection on car paint. Of course, you can also give car hood dock on the clothes or put it in the shade. 3, air conditioning not refrigeration sweltering summer, many owners get on the first thing to do is open air conditioning, but sometimes you may find the air conditioning is not cold, why all this? In fact, the car air conditioning refrigeration effect is poor because there are a lot of, more common is the radiator, air-conditioning filter because mosquitoes in summer, dust caused obstruction, will ultimately affect the cooling effect. Summer, therefore, be sure to do regular inspection of the relevant parts cleaning. 4, vehicles spontaneous combustion is common in the summer. The hot weather will accelerate the aging line, insulating layer once break or fall off easily short-circuit, resulting in the car spontaneous; In addition, if the battery terminal impurity can lead to resistance increases, the heat will be a large number of accumulation, it also easy to cause car spontaneous combustion. In addition to the problems of the circuit, if improper parking, like in deadwood, weeds such more combustible materials, heat coming from the tail three yuan catalysts may ignite them and eventually lead to car spontaneous combustion. As a result, the hot weather we should regularly for car battery and circuit make the corresponding inspection and maintenance, parking at the same time also must pay attention to the surrounding environment. In addition, still have to remind you the owner, must not be put inside the car cigarette lighter in the summer, the article such as carbonated drinks, car perfume, because they are in the high temperature all flammable or explosive. 5, toxic emissions inside the car the car after a long exposure, interior prone to aging. This process is accompanied by send out toxic substances such as formaldehyde, impact on the environment. 6, easy engine malfunction hot summer, the engine may also send 'high fever'. High temperature will make the oil viscosity decreased, and the internal parts of wear and tear, will eventually cause burning oil, carbon, and so on and so forth. In the summer to go out, we will pass wear face gini, sunscreen, wear sunscreen to reduce the high temperature, sun damage to us. By the same token, our car in the summer also need close attention. From the tire pressure to the internal wiring must be examined before we go out, when parking should also try to place it in the shade. Hot summer, how do you car?
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