Taboo - car maintenance DEFUS injector

by:DEFUS     2020-04-10
Maintain taboo automobile maintenance, avoid in airless garage run the engine for a long time. Exhaust gases from the engine contain carbon monoxide, which is a kind of invisible and can't smell gas. In low concentration of carbon monoxide gas for a long time, can cause headaches, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, body virtual dizzy, psychological disorder, and even brain damage and other symptoms. As in the garage to start the engine, we should open the garage door or turn on the air exhaust device, so that at any time will waste gas from the garage. Even if outdoor homework, also don't work on engine exhaust pipe for a long time to stay near. Second, avoid is used a mouth suction tubing. Gasoline not only flammable and toxic. Especially leaded gasoline, can damage the human nervous system, the digestive tract, and kidney. In addition, also contains a high concentration of sulfide in gasoline, because hydrogen sulfide has toxicity, if the gas suction in the belly, can lead to poisoning or death. In one thousand, should make yourself vomit and promptly to the hospital for treatment. Three, avoid with carburetor cleaner. Contain methyl chloride in most of the carburetor cleaner, aromatic species and ethanol, which has a certain toxicity, so the material being sucked into the nasal or splash on the skin and eyes, is very dangerous. Fourth, avoid mechanical damage. For the car maintenance associated with each aspect, for maintenance procedures, should be set clear assignment marks, in case of wrong operation and hurt others. Should be paid attention to when starting car, the transmission gears, in case the car maloperation cuts. Work under the hood, should let others leave the cabin, in case of engine operating mechanism movement, sudden rotation or others injured. If you need, when working under the car sign should be set up, with wooden cover car and the car cover. A car with a jack, jack to place smoothly. Should be ready before driving driving tools ( Driving seat) , a ban on brick top fragile objects. When installing a assembly, don't test the screw hole by hand, lock etc. In order to avoid accident fingers. When you test the engine, and may not work under the car. Fifth, avoid is on fire. In the maintenance of the car, often need to use oil, cleaning agents, such as inflammable, explosive, this time don't forget to fire control measures, ready for a fire extinguisher, in case of one thousand. Near the tank and the battery, don't smoke, because the tank to escape the combustible gas and escape of hydrogen battery is easy to be ignited. Sixth, avoid scald. Just shut down the engine, as a result of the engine parts ( Water tank and exhaust pipes, power steering fluid tank and spark plugs, etc. ) Contact temperature is high, must be careful, in order to prevent burns. If the engine temperature is high, and don't remove the radiator cap or loosen the drain switch, to prevent burns. Seven, avoid damage to cars. The brake fluid on car paint film ( Including the paint film leather shoes) Have damage effect, it can quickly dissolve paint film. The brake fluid is harmful to the eyes, if the eyes, must immediately rinse off with clear water. Eight, avoid is not pay attention to the rotating parts and vehicle road test of the protection. When the engine is running, pay attention to the hand, clothing and tools must leave rotating fan and fan belt ( Best to remove the article such as wear rings, watches and tie) 。 When commissioning, auto parts status should be able to guarantee security parking and to effectively. Road test the car must have a clear test marks. Commissioning, personnel must take safety and on the special test path. Nine, avoid do not pay attention to clean up in the workplace. Cover the closed hood or other assembly, should check tools, rags, and remove the parts of items are forgotten, such as after being confirmed, can be closed.
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