The advantages and disadvantages of geely transformers ii and technology improvement

by:DEFUS     2020-06-18
Geely king kong 2 generation, it is a classic version of geely automobile after geely king kong after another masterpiece in the intermediate car market. Geely king kong classic version is geely automobile on the basis of '6 s' concept of building cars, and thousands of experts and engineering technical personnel at home and abroad for 3 years research and development. Geely king kong 2 generation models in inherit its parent product quality and reliable, stable and made a further optimization, on the basis of interior style and workmanship is slightly better than made models. At the same time, ABS + EBD, aluminum alloy wheel hub, electric Windows, electric rearview mirror configuration also became the king kong 2 generation models of standard configuration, in terms of safety and comfort have a range of ascension. Basic standard engine configuration parameters: MR479QA double overhead camshaft valve EFI engine standard transmission: manual gear standard capacity: 1498 cc valve count: the maximum power: 69/6000 KW/RPM maximum torque: 128/3400 n. m/RPM fuel system: the theory of electronic fuel injection fuel consumption: 4. 6 litres/hundred kilometers top speed: 165. 0 km/h emission standards: the Ⅲ standard drive mode: front precursor braking way: disc/drum ( Before/after) Method of steering, power steering suspension: McPherson independent suspension/trailing arm torsion beam half independent suspension ( Before/after) Tires: 185/60 r15 1040 kg body weight wheelbase: 2502 mm wheel track: 1450/1431 mm ( Before/after) Whole vehicle length: 4342 mm body width, body height: 1692 mm to 1435 mm hardware configuration interior appearance: front fog lamp power sunroof European chrome plated aluminum alloy wheel rim front grille eagle eye crystal bit chy-tech chrome handle type door handle dynamic model aluminum alloy wheels high brake lights crystal drilling ultra wide Angle modelling taillight group before and after the body color with large energy absorption type bumper dark ring chamber ACTS the role of black chrome plated door handle plastic steering wheel control panel comfort configuration: single disc CD player loudspeaker number six electric Windows a touch of glass lift switch electric rearview mirror/turn signal intelligent remote control keys (attached Control doors and Windows and light delay) Before and after the front seat headrest/height adjustment in front of the back of the chair carrying bags of the rear seat 6/4 separation function of folding line control to open the cap/suitcase cover steering wheel up and down adjustable function MP3 features high efficiency and energy saving environmental protection cfc-free air-conditioning air filtration purification plant Follow me home lighting time delay system vehicle safety, security configuration: ABS anti-lock brakes EBD electronic brake-force distribution system driver's airbag vice the driver's airbag preloaded type front seats three-point seatbelt remote control door lock can crumple energy absorption type pillars of five standard direction of belt, In the front row height adjustable) Explosion-proof tank leak proof engineering windshield defrosting function after four composite bull steel anti-theft alarm function advantages and disadvantages of advantages: appearance fashion, compared to before promoting product has many disadvantages: surviving on the interior, the design improvement of the first big upgrade technology promotion: a more beautiful appearance geely king kong second generation still in appearance aesthetics using modern building technology synchronization 'engineering aesthetics' carving technique and diamond cut ridge for the spindle of the drill modelling, and changed a single chrome plated thick intake grille, into a more dynamic overall grid lines of Europe type style, deserve to go up again about more momentum eagle eye headlight, geely king kong ii shows more fashion personality, atmosphere, young. Second largest upgrade: more safety geely king kong second generation according to the C - in terms of security NVAP four-star safety standards for new design, the vehicle through the European ECE certification 36 compulsive standard. Equipped with international famous brands of ABS + EBD system, dual airbags, 4 door anti-collision composite beam, and the car body design integration of international advanced and mature technology, 49 points in multi-layer welding technology to strengthen treatment, car body body stiffness and fatigue resistance are enhanced greatly, quality and reliable performance. Third largest upgrade: lower fuel consumption geely king kong ii set-up new engine and transmission matching is more perfect, adopt BoschM7. 9 version control system, the latest ems and wedge body appearance design, 0. 29 low wind resistance coefficient, king kong 2 and 4. 6 l fuel consumption comparable models at least oil; Emissions standards to national IV standard, EGR waste gas recovery system, the discharge of cleaner, more environmentally friendly. Fourth largest upgrade: a bigger space geely group hired international famous interior company Japan tent ze eight light texture, combined with the ergonomics principle, the king kong optimization design was carried out on the internal space of the second generation, heighten 40 mm at the top of the space, and 65 mm rear legroom, greatly increased the cabin space, improve the ride comfort. Fifth largest upgrade: more quiet geely king kong second generation inherits the quality of geely king kong king 'mute' to invite the professional team of Italian SCS company special harshness (NVH) engineering to further processing, adopt effective vibration absorbing sound insulation material, on the body of up to more than 30 special noise reduction, noise processing technology, idle speed control in 41 db noise, accelerating noise reduce 2 db, in the car at the same level in a leading position in China.
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