The advantages of the activated carbon tank car what are the effect of activated carbon tank

by:DEFUS     2020-06-23
Auto activated carbon tank car the effect of activated carbon tank has the advantages of which the effect of activated carbon tank car is to absorb the engine off escape from the fuel tank and carburetor gasoline vapors. When the engine starts, adsorption to combustion in gasoline was blown out of them. Activated carbon tank car real automobile canister function mainly is to ensure that the advantages of no pollution to environment, its working principle is combined with the pressure relief valve of gasoline tank, originally direct emissions to the atmosphere of gasoline by activated carbon evaporator, after collection into the engine combustion cycle, increase the gasoline used to reduce air pollution. In fact, according to this principle, we can readily find activated carbon tank for a car, just a simple accessories, it is also an optional accessories, not to install for car there is no any impact on the whole work process. Hold this point generally common owners. At present, the car ownership in the long run China is huge, activated carbon tank to reduce car pollution is helpful, but also to many a mickle makes a muckle save gas, reduce automobile fuel consumption. Front has mentioned a word called fuel tank pressure relief valve, then you will have a question: why need pressure tank? We all have a basic common sense: gasoline volatile strong automobile fuel tank is a relatively closed space, gasoline in shaking in the process of the driving factors can result in gasoline volatilization, will increase the pressure inside the car's tank. In order to prevent the pressure above the critical point, the car's tank will design a pressure relief valve, the pressure relief valve in the automotive fuel tank pressure is too high for pressure relief. If it is pure and simple to the high pressure oil vapor discharge into the atmosphere, it is a waste. So our cars between the tank and the inlet pipe of the engine is equipped with a box called activated carbon tank. Canister will be constantly spilled fuel vapor adsorption storage tank, to work in the engine running when this part will be stored gasoline to the engine for combustion, forming a closed-loop workflow. After I read this is introduced, still feel some excess activated carbon tank? But there is no carbon tank system, tank pressure can't keep working in a reasonable scope, gasoline tank pressure is too high, will cause the cap screw is difficult to open. If pressure is too low, so some gasoline will be volatile waste directly. In extreme cases fuel tank will be dented deformation. What are the role of activated carbon tank car petrol car fuel vapor adsorption stripping device, commonly known as' carbon tank, is to reduce the car inside the fuel tank and carburetor gasoline evaporative emission device. Canister is generally installed between the gas tank and engine. Because gas is a volatile liquid, at room temperature fuel tank is full of fuel vapor, often is the role of fuel evaporative emission control system of steam bow into the combustion and to prevent the volatile into the atmosphere. Car engine on the activated carbon canister body has three export, export respectively by the above two fuel tank and charcoal canister solenoid valve. The following export through the atmosphere. Vats with active substances. When engine working solenoid valve connected to the engine fuel from the tank and active material adsorption suction inlet pipe of the steam of steam. When the engine does not work or electromagnetic valve is not connected, the fuel tank of steam into the activated carbon tank are absorbed by the active material. After the engine flameout, gasoline vapor mixed with fresh air in the tank and the storage in activated carbon tank, when the engine starts, in between the charcoal canister and intake manifold fuel evaporation purification device of electromagnetic valve is opened, the activated carbon tank of gasoline vapors drawn into intake manifold to burn. Completed work cycle of the charcoal canister, until the engine is shut down again resume work cycle.
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