The autumn weather, cars have to add the clothes and maintenance, don't forget - this a few places DEFUS injector

by:DEFUS     2020-04-12
In August the weather turn gradually cool autumn, hot summer is coming to an end. ShiMa curing remind, for cars, car maintenance is autumn automobile maintenance is very important one link. Car maintenance on the one hand, the autumn is to repair damage to the summer in use process, on the other hand for the car driving safety in the upcoming winter ready. ShiMa for share fall car maintenance, maintenance knowledge: 1, the body after a summer sun exposure, paint will no doubt have loss. Fall heavy dew, or more rain, car surface and very wet. If the car has obvious scratches on the surface of, hurriedly take comprehensive maintenance opportunity to completely solve, lest in humid conditions to accelerate the corrosion, deterioration 'wound'. 2, tire summer heat, let people have a kind of in-situ explosive illusion, so some information of the owner, even in the summer, will be put off a little tire pressure, high temperature to prevent blowout, back to the cold weather, it is necessary to supplement the tire pressure. In addition, ShiMa curing reminds, the day is cold will make rubber tires hard brittle, easy to tire air leakage. Owners try to clean up the tyres before driving the surface pattern of sundry, to check whether there is signs of scratches, beat tread. 3, the importance of motor engine don't need to say more, its maintenance is also note the time. , taking change garments according to the need to clean them on engine, at the same time, also want to check in the engine compartment, engine oil, curing agent, brake fluid and antifreeze, insufficient to add in time, in order to ensure the normal operation of vehicles, fangdongye replacement cycle is two years, the replacement cycle of frozen liquid to change in time for the new. 4, battery storage battery in autumn is the most vulnerable places, if it doesn't work, the engine will follow problem, long-term stationary battery don't discharge naturally, overload use may also affect the effect, battery electrode connection of the generated during aging oxide green, the green oxide can cause the engine power is insufficient, if see green sediment in the battery terminal, to wash it in boiling water, then blow dry, spray on to prevent oxidation layer of protective agent to protect it. Five cars, air conditioning summer often go some wading pavement, the lower part of air conditioning cold suspected device with a lot of sediment, time is long, will make the rusting of the condenser, thus shortening the service life of the air conditioning. If is air conditioning filter mesh, ShiMa maintenance advice, owner may take under water cleaning, simple and economic. But if the activated carbon material, should do the regular cleaning of air conditioning in the maintenance shop. 6, interior maintenance due to high temperature and rainy summer, car carpet and other blind cause a lot of bacteria and dust, the dust is easy to produce peculiar smell, with the coming of autumn, open the window of the frequency gradually decrease, the air in the carriage will become turbid, odor and bacteria can cause harm to human body health. Then you should take the car for a comprehensive interior sterilizing and cleaning.
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