The brake disc can be polished it brake discs have grooves to burnish it

by:DEFUS     2020-06-17
Brake disc can grind the brake plate have grooves to grind the automobile braking system was the most care part of the driver. It affects safety, also related to the personal safety. The braking system is the main component of braking and brake disc. Capsules of the brake is a brake pad and brake disc friction between the formation of the braking force, this will make the car to slow down or stop. Some automobile brake wobble might be caused by the brake disc is not smooth. Uneven brake disc need polishing? Brake disc can grind the brake plate wear would happen in use process, if uneven wear will lead to brake discs, brake discs in some places high in some places is low, then the brake dithering phenomenon will occur and affect the braking effect. If the brake disc uneven affected brake, you need to brake disc is removed for grinding or direct replacement. Grinding a brake disc general repair shops in about 100 yuan. Grinding can solve the problems about most of the brake pads and brake discs, such as the uneven situation such as burr, scratch, groove, generally have brake linings sound or problems can be polished, role is to make the brake pads and brake discs with more tacit understanding, to ensure good operation of the brake system, restore normal braking effect, but cannot too much grinding dynamics, grinding number cannot too much, so thin disk will be yes, bring safe hidden trouble, affect the use effect and the life of the brake disc. Brake discs have grooves to grind the shallow words need to smooth, brake discs with seam allowance will affect the braking effect, sometimes easy into the small stones and cause potential safety hazard. Deep words belong to the quality problem, and there is a danger, it needs replacement. Brake disc brake and drum brake at present, many older car is front coil after the drum. Now the car before and after a lot of disc brake. Because of the drum brake good heat dissipation, in the condition of high speed brake, it is not easy to produce hot recession, so its high-speed braking effect is good. But in low-speed cold brake, the braking effect is inferior to the drum brake. Price of drum brake expensive. So now a lot of senior car USES full brake, and ordinary car USES front coil after the drum, and relatively low speed, and the need of braking force big trucks, buses, still use drum brake. Brake disc has obvious grooves brothers, it is recommended that you do not easily brake disc of light, light a few times more, the consequences of your brake system is directly the formation of permanent brake power imbalance. These things is not experience in you, waiting for you for help, very high speed will be deadly. Brake unilateral, I heard the phrase, a truck that is like that. Truck ABS, result is directly after unilateral brake when the vehicle running deviation, body trembling, direction running deviation, because the truck overloading is very heavy, when some brake pads directly next long slope, no return or burned directly brake shivering is due to the friction brake discs and brake running time, make appear on the brake disc grooves, so braking efficiency is lower, the brakes when the car shake. The so-called 'polished' brake disc is refers to the use of professional optical disk 'mill' mo ping groove on the brake disc, make brake disc surface smooth again. Although 'polished' brake plate of low prices, but smooth after thinning of the brake disc, intensity is reduced, for brake disc grooves too deep, 'polishing' after it will bring potential safety hazard. If brake shivering, suggest first check the brake system, if is the brake plate groove mild, can 'polished' an appropriately, if badly worn recommended to replace the brake disc and even the whole braking system. BYD auto brake linings clamor its root cause or not formula, easy to wear and look for a day or two to open down hub of black powder can be given. Using compressed air pump hard to brake disc and brake pad gap hair-dryer, basic can solve them. But it can't cure. Open a brake wear down is a powder and then produces brake whistlers. Solution is in brake pads, also don't have to YG. The domestic good friction materials plant production of brake pads is no worse than abroad. When the brake tremble for various reasons. Brake disc is not smooth, Brake disc uneven wear or trachoma) , unbalanced tires, chassis suspension, ABS and so on. 。 。 Need to screen step by step, find the problem can solve. So, LZ want to punch on brake pads will not solve the problem. Brake discs on the surface of the annular groove is mainly due to the brake pads on the surface with a hard point or is in the process of vehicle brake pads and brake discs into the fine sand, foreign body which caused by abnormal wear of the brake disc appeared, the situation does not generally obvious effects on the braking performance of the vehicle, but is likely to be produced in the process of the brakes work abnormal noise, if the wear problem is serious, so it can be removed pads on the surface polishing treatment, if necessary, you may need to grinding processing of the brake disc surface.
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