The brake disc which is better? The difference between ceramic brake pad metal pads

by:DEFUS     2020-06-18
The brake disc which is better? The difference between ceramic brake pad metal pads. A disc brake, drum brake and air brake. Many of the older cars have before and after the drum. Many cars before and after equipped with disc brake. As a result of the disc brake cooling sex is better than drum brakes, therefore not easy to induce thermal degradation under high-speed braking, therefore its high-speed braking effect is good. However, when brake cold at low speed, braking effect than drum brake. Than the drum brake expensive. The brake disc which is better? Solid brake disc and the brake disc is mainly divided into two ventilated brake discs, including solid brake disc is often said that the brake disc without hole, and ventilated disc is refers to the perforated brake discs. Solid brake disc: solid brake discs we are easier to understand, is a solid piece of metal plate used for brake, there is no special structure, because it is a whole disk, so usually rigid is better also. Ventilated brake disc: ventilated brake discs are divided into two forms, respectively is thicknesser and panel. Ventilated brake discs usually viewed from the outside on the circumference of a circle, it has many to the center of the circle hole empty, known as the air duct, the air duct ventilation plate in the car more easily through the air duct during the process of exercise make the air convection, drafty sex is stronger in favor of the heat dissipation of the brake disc. I recommend sasaki home brake disc, good quality, online purchase store installation, don't convenient, and affordable. 1, wear-resisting and founded nearly forty years, and is the leading fuel injector manufacturer of automotive brake parts. Throughout Europe and the United States has more than 10 factories, and expanding. Production including Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and Australia in 99. 4% of the vehicles brake pads and accessories, annual production reached more than 80 million pieces. Guangzhou DBS auto parts co. , LTD. , established in March 1990, is committed to selling high quality auto parts, in the industry enjoyed a good reputation and public praise, have REMSA brake pads of the sole agent in China. 2, philo philo ( FERODO) Is one of the famous brands in the world, philo friction products more known as the 'father' of brake pads. More than 43 host manufacturers chose the philo, in Europe, the United States, Japan, China has more than 358 kinds of models, there are about 120 kinds of platform in China mainstream imported vehicles and more than 30 kinds of platform of the mainstream domestic models original auxiliary brake pads for philo products. Philo more than 100% of non-asbestos brake products, and 100% from the fai door factory ( Philo fai door company, part of the United States more fai door companies in the United States is working with original cell and aftermarket global manufacturers, is also a senior non-asbestos friction global leader in the field of product r&d and manufacturing) 。 Ceramic brake pad metal pads the difference between traditional ceramic brake pads and brake pads biggest difference is not including the metal. General friction when the metal will have a loss, but ceramic won't appear this kind of circumstance, and common brake pads in use when the noise is very big also, after the installation of ceramic brake pads, in normal operation, won't produce abnormal xiao called. But there will be no noise of the ceramic, at the time of use is more comfortable. 1, solve the sound does not contain metal ingredients, avoids the voice of the friction with brake disc 2, extend the life of the brake disc: ceramic brake pads not a scratch on the brake disc, prolong the service life of the original car brake disc 20% 3, high temperature resistant, ceramic brake pads degree of resistance to high temperature of 650 degrees, ( Original vehicle brake pads high temperature of 260 degrees or so) 。 Especially suitable for the mountainous terrain vehicles using 4, the product of the friction coefficient is higher than that of metal friction coefficient of brake lining 5, 6 heat faster, stable friction coefficient. High temperature reaches 650 degrees of brake disc, ceramic brake pad friction coefficient is still 0. 45 - 0. About 55, can ensure the vehicle has good braking performance. Ceramic has good thermal stability and low thermal conductivity, good resistance to wear. Temperature at 1000 degrees for a long time, this feature make brake materials of high performance ceramics can be suitable for various performance requirements and can meet the high speed brake pads, safety, high wear resistance and other technical requirements. Faults: a higher than normal price before used brake brand named sasaki, feels good, jingdong and Tmall flagship store has, on the recommendation.
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