The car axle shaft broken symptom how to judge automotive half shaft is broken

by:DEFUS     2020-06-25
Car axle shaft bad symptom how to judge the car axle shaft is broken. Know that old driver, car axle shaft is an important part of the car. If the parts is damaged, the estimate will be parked to do maintenance. Car axle shaft is also known as the drive shaft. It is a solid shaft, can transfer torque between the differential and the drive wheels. Its inner end usually by spline connected to the half axle gear, the outer side is connected to the hub. That is commonly used in modern car axle shaft has two types: full floating and floating, depending on the type of stents. Car was broken axle shaft signs automobile drive axle, axle shaft is also called differential and driving wheel torque between the solid shaft, its end and half shaft gear connection, usually by spline end connected to the hub. Modern car commonly used half shaft, according to its pattern is different, have full floating and half floating two kinds. Full floating half shaft transmission torque, don't bear any counter force and bending moment, and therefore is widely applied in all kinds of cars. Full floating half shaft is easy to tear open outfit, just turned half shaft flange bolts on can take out half shaft, wheel and axle housing still can support the car, so as to bring the car maintenance is convenient. Both torque and floating half shaft full counter force and bending moment. Its supporting structure is simple, low cost, and therefore is widely used in smaller reaction force moment of all kinds of cars. Remove take trouble but this half shaft bearing and if the car in the half shaft fracture is easy to cause the wheels fly off danger. Car ran half shaft deformation will appear after severe shaking phenomenon. 1, the car ran half shaft deformation light sound, bumps, or can't drive, can appear the car running deviation, severe shaking phenomenon. 2, car axle shaft deformation, after a long time can make the tire eccentric wear. 3 and half shaft is also called the drive shaft, it is the differential and driving wheel connecting shaft. Half shaft is scheduler gearbox to slow down and drive wheel torque between the shaft and its inside and outside on one side of a universal joint, respectively by the spline on the universal joint with gear speed reducer and wheel hub bearing inner ring connection. 4, half shaft is used to transfer power between the differential and the drive wheels. Ordinary non breaking drive axle half shaft, according to different divided into outer end bearing piece 3/4 full floating, floating and half floating 3 kinds. If the deformation suggested that replaced immediately. How to judge the car axle shaft is broken if the sound appeared in the process of vehicles on the road, that is probably half shaft damage. If a car travels in a hitched hitched voice, that is half shaft ball cage appeared abnormal wear and tear. Car half shaft is a drive shaft, axle shaft is responsible for transfer power to coaxial left and right sides of the wheel, not half shaft power cannot be passed on to the wheel. Automotive half shaft is a ball cage, if there is abnormal wear and tear, ball cage that car hitched occurs on driving hitched sound. The ball cage is the cause of abnormal wear a lack of lubrication. Have a rubber seal on the ball cage, if there is leakage or the seal set of aging, the ball cage lubricating oil will leak out, this will lead to the ball cage abnormal wear phenomenon. Suggest that drivers rises every time maintenance will be the car to check whether there is a half shaft deformation phenomenon, check the sealing ball cage set of whether there is leakage phenomenon. If half shaft dynamic balance problems, in the process of driving the car will produce some jitter, drivers need to pay attention to. Some drives to modified their car, some support ejection performance car. If modified ejection start is likely to lead to a half shaft fracture, drivers need to pay attention to, don't often start ejection.
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