The car broke down? The car broke down?

by:DEFUS     2020-06-25
We always meet all kinds of accident while driving, and the most upset people travel thing the car suddenly broke down, on the road, highway, and before the middle of nowhere after middle place is likely to be anchored. So when the car broke down in the phenomenon is to belong to what kind of situation? The next and we explain why the car broke down? The car broke down? The car broke down because 1, the mismanagement of the car a lot of times we have been very careless management aspects of the car, always think it is just a small problem, think of the other car has a similar situation, but they also have a good open, then let those problems, don't ask, don't ignore. When we have such a move is lack of the management of the car, not enough attention, broke down condition is normal. 2, the improper use of the car has a lot of drivers when driving, for the sake of convenience or drive a car to find some excitement, always don't according to the standard of driving to drive. Often frequent use of excessive engine makes use of the motor and battery, or by using gear and bearing the clutch to start the vehicle, makes the transmission and clutch is not flexible. So that the car broke down in the process of driving. 3, the maintenance of the car is not in place of a lot of people in the car maintenance aspects do not reach the designated position, always think it is a waste of money. This is actually a very short-term thinking, when we buy a car is should have thought of these ways. If we are in the bottom of the car maintenance aspects do not reach the designated position is possible, then anchor is small. The consequences of the car broke down 1, blocking traffic when we drive in narrow road or traffic more crowded road, the car broke down don't know what reason, is likely the other car stuck in the intersection, make traffic is not smooth, delay the time of others, so prevent not just, but also others. 2. Caused by an accident as I said above, because it happened too suddenly, drivers could open the risk warning lights, so it is very likely the car collision phenomenon, so it is not just the traffic problem, but we went to the life safety and the yan made a bet. The car broke down to do 1, open the double flash when the car broke down on the side of the road is when we don't just sit inside the car, waiting for the arrival of the rescue workers, but open the car's double flash, breaks down if it is happened in the evening, we also need to open the car after clearance light has a lamp, let other cars know a car ahead. 2, placed in accordance with the security identity has always been the car is moving in a unexpected situation is not normal, we will be in the back of the car put some security identity can prove that the car accident. So when the car broke down, we also need to is 50 - from the child 100 meters place the security identity, if it is the security identity on the highway outside the 50 meters in the rear of the car. 3, leave the car all sorts of risk warning lights are on when we put the car open, and also the road after all sorts of safety tips are done, you should get off to the road on both sides. Sure it is safe place, he should call for roadside assistance. Fix these things is the right way. More about 'the car broke down? The car broke down how to do 'all content, hope useful for everyone.
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