The car door won't open? Common car door wouldn't open what's the solution

by:DEFUS     2020-06-19
Car in our life often appear all sorts of unexpected problems, but the door wouldn't open is a common problem that many friends car have keyless entry and start function, because I believe that you are experienced key battery is not caused by the drive door, can't start the car. And everybody about the car next door won't open? Common car door wouldn't open what's the solution? The car door won't open to do 1. Go home or find a family to send a spare key. This is the most insurance and loss minimum. My advice would be to run errands more punish oneself, let oneself to remember this lesson, it should be no more next time. 2. Call 110 to find the lock unlock company. Lock need to be ready to find the lock company id card, driving license, valid certificates, etc. The cost is in commonly 200 - Around 500, individual cars at higher prices. But one thing you can rest assured that work in the lock company is superior, definitely won't destroy your door lock, so you also don't need to replace the car door lock. 3. Through the car's high-tech configuration to open the lock like onstar, for example, you can through the way of mobile phone remote control or call our customer service center to carry out remote control lock. Premise is you car must have a similar function, but also must be under the premise of paying members can be achieved. If your car is equipped with numerous key into the function, directly hold down the button on the door can also open the door. 4. Smashing Windows drive door in the above three methods can realize, only this way. Actually, smashing Windows also learned to open the door, in order to reduce the loss, which piece of glass you need to know about your car, and the glass is plentiful, so that the installation goes well in the future. Common car door wouldn't open solution what four doors can't open the door from the inside can't open it, probably because the driver opens the central lock, most of the models of central lock will reach more than 15 km/h in speed automatically after open. The role of central lock is to avoid the car passenger car doors, while the vehicle is leading to the happening of the accident. In this case, just let the driver off central lock or passengers mechanical locks to open a door lock pin can open the door. Door won't open the north winter air temperature in winter is low, if not after washing a car will accumulate in the locks, door frame, handles water blot, it is easy to freeze, occurs in the morning the door wouldn't open, some worried owner may use 'prehistorical powers' to pull the door, but don't know that it is easy to damage the paint and seals, and in extreme cases may be pulled the handle. Countermeasures: with warm water pouring the frozen parts, frozen melt as soon as possible, or simply wait until noon, temperatures and then open the door. Can't open the back door, Child safety lock is locked) In central lock unlock state, if the back door or unable to open, the only one possibility is the child safety locks are locked. Of course, only the back door can have child safety locks, while the front door only through internal handle and mechanical unlock to open the door. If really can't open the door in the form of the above, there is a situation in which is the car door lock is broken, so small make up or it is recommended that you directly to the 4 s shop or professional repair shop for repair. Remote control key can't drive door remote control key can't drive door there are two reasons, one is remote control or rf device problem, secondly, the host or gating part of the problem. First we need to check whether there is electric remote control, replace the battery; If not battery problem, try the other buttons on the remote control whether can use, such as open the trunk; If other key works, that is, door control part of the problem, in the case of remote control key can't use, you can temporarily use mechanical key to open the door, and most of the models is the lock clockwise, counterclockwise is locked. Small make up recommend you, however, will call remote maintenance call as soon as possible, this can be found on the packaging or instruction commonly number. More about 'can not be opened the car door? Common car door won't open all content, what's the solution to 'hope useful for everyone.
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